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Google deletes your Android backup after 2 months of inactivity

All the Android data you store on Google Drive and leave unused gets an expiration date and is finally deleted by Google after 2 months. In case you have switched your smartphone, thinking the old one’s data is going to remain on Google Drive, you might want to check again.

Recently a Reddit user complained about Google having wiped out his entire data without prior notification. Although Google provides prior notification by setting an expiration date on your unused data, you too might fail to see or notice that.

How to know when your data will expire?


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Source: Reddit

With Google Drive and online backup for all your data, we’ve been pretty happy to shift from Hard disks and pen drives to online storage solutions. While it is seamless and accessible from practically anywhere, there is a risk that your files may get automatically deleted.

If you leave your data unattended or inactive for two weeks, Google will mark with an expiration date for about 2 months. According to Google’s backup policy, “Your backup will remain as long as you use your device. If you don’t use your device for 2 weeks, you may see an expiration date below your backup”.

This means if you’ve switched your phones and didn’t restore data from the old one, or left it unattended for two months, you may never get to see that data again. It is true that the data deleted is permanently wiped off and never accessible, there is a scenario where your data is unharmed.

If you keep an active device with the same account logged in as on your previous inactive device, then all your data remains there, unharmed and safe.

Most of us are now seamlessly shifting to online storage solutions and while it is a wonderful alternative, it is important to know how it treats your data. Google Drive is one of the most used platforms for online storage.

Also, Google Drive has just received an easier streaming option via Google Drive File Stream, which allows you to synchronize only the data you want. This allows you to save space and data on your devices. You can read about our coverage of File Stream here.


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