Samsung Bixby Voice now available in India: Features and eligible devices

Samsung Bixby Voice

Samsung has now debuted into the Artificial Intelligence market in India by launching the Samsung Bixby voice Assistant here. Launched yesterday, Bixby is an AI assistant from Samsung that is available for their flagship phones.

Samsung Bixby allows you to give voice commands, type in commands or tap suggestions to perform actions. You can identify and shop for things using Bixby vision and also get recommendations based on your usage and interests. For now, Bixby functionality is limited to the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy Note 8, along with the Samsung Galaxy J7+.

What is Bixby and what all can it do?


Samsung Bixby

With Bixby entering India, we now have one more AI assistant at our disposal. However, Bixby is limited to Samsung handsets, we can see it as one of the most functional AI assistants as of now. Here are some things your Samsung Bixby Voice can do for you.

Voice Commands

Coming as basics to all AI assistants, voice commands are effectively implemented in Samsung Bixby Voice as well. You just have to press and hold the Bixby button on the left edge of the screen to wake up Bixby.

Apart from voice commands, you can type in commands on the Samsung Bixby Voice. Based on your usage, it provides you personalized suggestions which you can tap and access instantly.

Bixby Vision

One of the most unique and functional features of Samsung Bixby Voice is Bixby Vision. You can simply point your camera at an object and Bixby will tell you what it is and even finds similar results in online stores for shopping.

Backed by AI and machine learning, Samsung Bixby Voice can translate certain languages directly from your camera, without the need of installing a separate translator. It even recognises famous landmarks and lets you know more about them.

Bixby Reminders

Lastly, you can set and access reminders and important appointments using Bixby Voice. Setting reminders on Bixby is easy and you can simply swipe right from your home screen to access reminders. Even if you’re disconnecting a call, you can set a reminder so Bixby will remind you to call back later.