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Microsoft to use Artificial Intelligence in future Flipkart sales

Flipkart is now working with tech giant Microsoft to implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on its platform to help with future sales. With AI and ML support implemented, Flipkart might be looking at voice search and other advanced features in the near future.

With an idea of total automation and optimal placement of merchandise and offers, Flipkart is working with Microsoft to remove any kind of ‘manual tuning’, reported Economic Times. Getting AI and ML will put Flipkart a step ahead from the competition as there will be room for added innovation and adaptive optimization through AI.

Flipkart and Microsoft partnership

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Flipkart has been working with Microsoft for a while now. Back in February, Flipkart made Microsoft Azure as their default cloud-computing platform. After this, Flipkart is now partnering with Microsoft to apply AI and ML to their e-commerce portal.

Vinay YS, Vice President of Engineering at Flipkart, told Economic Times,

“AI and ML are becoming focus for us now. We think there is a lot of opportunity to optimise how we do things like merchandising and offer placement. So we are putting those systems in place and looking to take away any kind of manual tuning and optimisation. We mostly look at Microsoft from the point of view of AI and ML. There are a lot of those capabilities on Microsoft side that we would like to leverage. On aspects like voice recognition we want to partner with them deeply.”

A personalized e-commerce store?

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could very well be the beginning of a revolution in Indian e-commerce. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Flipkart may become one of the first personalized e-commerce platforms to suggest relevant offers and deals based on fully automated algorithms.

As far as AI is concerned, Microsoft has reportedly spent $200 million to develop AI and ML which can benefit both Flipkart as well as Microsoft in improving it. How this pans out for both the companies and the customers remains to be seen.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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