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Apple iPhone 8 Plus cracks open while charging in Taiwan

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that are less than a month old and have recently gone on sale in many countries including India, seem to be facing an issue. Apple might not be happy with the latest news wherein some early buyers of the latest iPhone faced a similar issue. A Taiwanese and a Japanese user have shared the pictures of an iPhone 8 Plus which is split open.

In the first news, an Apple iPhone 8 Plus cracked open while it was charging. It belonged to a Ms. Wu from Taiwan and was the 64GB Gold variant as reported by the Chinese media. Going by the images posted by the user, the split might have happened due to the swollen battery. The issue occurred just five days after the handset was purchased.

According to the user, after putting the iPhone 8 plus on charge using the supplied cable and adaptor, it started splitting up within three minutes. Chinese website reported that the smartphone has been returned to Apple and the affected iPhone 8 plus is being examined by the company.

A Japanese customer also has shared images of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus. He ordered the iPhone 8 Plus but it came with the screen bulging off from the body, exposing the innards. The user says that the handset arrived in the same state.

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X support wireless charging. The iPhone 8 Plus packs 2,691mAh battery it is claimed to deliver up to 21 hours of talk time and up to 14 hours of video playback. It gets charged up to 50% within 30 minutes.

So, basically, it can be the battery issue with the new iPhone 8. The Next Web, stating ‘unconfirmed reports’ writes that the iPhone 8 Plus uses the battery from the same manufacturer Amperex Technology Limited, that made the batteries of the infamous Galaxy Note 7.

When it comes to the battery, Apple does not reveal the capacity during their launches. However, iPhone 8 teardown reports had suggested that the iPhone 8 has a smaller battery than the iPhone 7. However, the company later confirmed, despite being smaller, the effectiveness of the batteries remains the same.


Satyendra Pal Singh

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