Google Duo PIP Mode

The picture-in-picture mode which is one of the best features of Android Oreo is now officially available in the Google Duo App. Obviously, it is for Android Oreo users only. It will allow users on a video call to minimize the call window and do other things alongside.

Google had already confirmed that Duo will be getting the Oreo’s Picture-in-picture (PIP) feature when the search giant introduced the feature at the Google I/O stage back in May. Surprisingly, the feature was never added to the Duo app during developer previews, but now it’s officially available.

Justin Uberti, technical lead for Google Duo, also announced on Twitter that picture-in-picture support is finally available for Android Oreo.

How to use PIP mode on Duo

You don’t need to make any changes on your Duo app to enable picture-in-picture mode. As long as you are using a phone running Android Oreo and have the latest version of app installed, you will be able to use the PIP feature. To use this feature, you can simply hit the home button while on a video call.

When you do this, it will minimize the video chat you are in and keeps it on-screen in a smaller window. So, you can do other things while on a video or voice call. You can also move the position of the picture window to any corner of the screen. Moreover, the video orientation will change automatically based on whichever mode you are using on the phone – landscape or portrait.

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To recall, Picture-in-picture mode was one of best new additions to Android Oreo. YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Google Maps that have already been using it, now will be joined by Google Duo as well. Now, with support available on Duo, Oreo users can find the feature more useful.