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Samsung Galaxy S9 release date & specs, details we know till now

Leaks regarding the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S9, which is expected to be Samsung’s next big flagship have started surfacing. While there is still time in the phone’s arrival, leaks are pouring in about various key specifications.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to debut next year in March, the Korean giant is reportedly already working on it. The Galaxy S9 is tipped to come with many next-gen features and top-notch specifications. Here we bring to you everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 so far.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks and Rumours

Starting with the availability, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumoured to be released in March next year. The phone is expected to have the same infinity display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The latest rumour surrounding the phone is the fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

While not many people liked the oddly-placed fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9 may change that. It is tipped that a new patent by Samsung will bring the fingerprint sensor in a circular notch at the bottom of the Galaxy S9. We cannot say how it will look, but we have seen a notch at the top of the Essential Phone already.

Samsung to Adapt Modularity

The next big leak around the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the modularity aspect. The phone is expected to come with modular accessories like Snap-on speakers, battery cases, a projector too maybe. If this happens, it is expected to be more or like on the footprints of Moto Mods.

Powerful Processor

Samsung has offered the best specifications when it comes to their Galaxy S8 and Note 8 flagships. We expect the same thing from the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S9. The phone is tipped to feature a Snapdragon 845 processor, which is yet unannounced, along with a new Exynos processor in some regions.

Both the Snapdragon 845 and the new Exynos processor are rumoured to be in production using the 7nm design from TSMC. If that is the case, these could be the most energy efficient processors built so far. Word is that the first batch of Snapdragon 845 processors have already been reserved for the Galaxy S9.

Tipped to come with 6GB RAM, the phone is expected to run Android 8.0 Oreo out-of-the-box. We can be sure about this as the Android 8.0 Oreo beta update for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 is already rolling out.

What we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9

While there are reports about the phone featuring a notch for the fingerprint sensor, we expect otherwise. It is safe to assume that an under-display fingerprint sensor might be there on the Galaxy S9. Qualcomm has already developed that technology with Vivo.

Also, we expect the Samsung Galaxy S9 to have a better water and dust resistance. Samsung might even unlock the Bixby button for added functionality on the phone.


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