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Google Chrome to start blocking ads starting February 15 – Here’s what you should know

Google Chrome continues to remain a preferred browser and to improve user experience even further, Google is now going to get rid of annoying advertisements. Announced back in June, the Better Ad Standards from Google will go live starting February 15 next year.

After implementation of Better Ads Standards, Google Chrome will filter advertisements if they affect the user experience on a webpage. The information was posted on a Google Developer’s blog post, making the date official. With this implementation, web browsing on Google Chrome will become cleaner.

About Better Ads Standards on Google Chrome

Better Ads Standards

Google announced the Better Ads Standards back in June and will be applying them from February 15, 2018. These standards will apply to Google Chrome and block out the advertisements that do not comply. Google, Facebook, Procter & Gamble, the Washington Post are some of the key members for these standards.

Better Ads Standards will not block all the ads – it will block pop-up ads, adverts that cover large portions of the screen, autoplay video ads, and so forth. Also, advertisements that provide a timer before closing will be banned when the standards are applied.

However, the native advertisement filtering from Google Chrome will not prevent ads from tracking you. Tracking by ads has been a privacy concern for Chrome users. Apple has successfully stopped advertisement tracking on their Safari browser.

Google has also addressed the site owners in their blog,

“Violations of the Standards are reported to sites via the Ad Experience Report, and site owners can submit their site for re-review once the violations have been fixed.”

Google getting serious about privacy?

While Google has always tried to uphold user privacy, certain web pages and apps on Android have actively implanted malware in smartphones as well as desktops. With a more stringent approach to advertisements, the company may make web browsing less annoying and safer too.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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