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You will soon be able to post your Instagram stories as WhatsApp status

Facebook is testing a new feature which will allow users to directly share their Instagram stories as WhatsApp status. Currently, Instagram users can share the Instagram stories as Facebook stories and soon, users will be able to share their Instagram stories on WhatsApp as well which will appear on the status bar and disappear after 24 hours just like the status.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is running a test for the time being and allowing users to share their Instagram stories as WhatsApp status. So, the feature is currently available only to select users. The official rollout of the feature may happen soon, however, the timeline for the same hasn’t been disclosed yet.

This new feature will allow users to post photos, videos, emojis, stickers and GIFs on WhatsApp. Similar to the Instagram stories, the WhatsApp status will disappear after 24 hours. With this feature, the search giant is trying to expand its user base and enhance customer experience.

We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The stories shared will appear on WhatsApp status bar and just like Instagram, they will disappear after 24 hours. Also, the shared stories will be encrypted like WhatsApp chats. “An Instagram Story posted as a WhatsApp Status also becomes encrypted like the rest of WhatsApp,” the report further notes.

How to share Instagram Stories on WhatsApp?

Instagram users will see an option to share Stories to WhatsApp on their sharing screen. They will need to click the “send” option to post their Stories on WhatsApp.

Source: TechCrunch

As mentioned, the feature is currently under works and is available for select users to test. The official rollout of the feature might happen soon, however the timeline hasn’t been revealed yet.

According to Facebook, since the introduction of Instagram stories, there have been more than 300 million active users on the photo-sharing app that have used the feature. Adding the ability to share stories to WhatsApp will give it more popularity, especially in countries like India where WhatsApp is already a popular messaging platform.