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Vivo V7 Energetic Blue – Camera and Music in focus

Premium smartphone maker Vivo recently added the new V7 Energetic Blue color variant to its camera oriented V series in India. Aimed at the outgoing and media-savvy youngsters, the Vivo V7 Energetic Blue offers a great option when it comes to the camera and music experience. The Energetic Blue colour and the sleek design also make it look very premium.

The Vivo V7 is a compact iteration of the Vivo V7+ and it comes with the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio display. In terms of audio, the phone offers a good experience with the audio being loud enough with pleasant, deep and rich tones.

We have been using the Vivo V7 for a while now and here is our overview of the phone’s overall media experience.

Vivo V7 Camera

The Vivo V7 comes with a 16MP rear camera and a 24MP selfie camera. Both the cameras are assisted by dedicated flash for improved low-light photography. Vivo has added several features in the camera app – you get Face Beauty 7.0, portrait bokeh effect, Live photo, and Panorama mode. The cameras are also capable of up to 1080p video recording.

Camera UI

Starting with the Camera UI, the V7 offers a simple and an elegant experience. All the controls are easily accessible. Also, the UI is well-placed in terms of the aspect ratio of the device as well.

Swiping gestures and intuitive controls make it easier to set filters, click images, and quickly shift between various camera modes. Attached above, is a screenshot of the camera user interface on the Vivo V7.

Camera Samples

Daylight Samples

The Vivo V7 has a powerful camera when it comes to daylight performance. It is quick to focus and easy to shift focus too. The HDR mode is also effective and the pictures don’t pixelate upon zooming.

Artificial Light samples

Coming to artificial light, the Vivo V7’s performance continues to be impressive. The color retention is good and the images remain detailed too. Vivo has also optimised the camera app to make the entire experience seamless.

Low light samples

To simulate low light conditions, we placed our Stormtrooper and Captain America in a closet – the resulting images captured by the Vivo V7 were satisfactory and bright enough. Unlike some other devices, the flash on the V7 fires evenly, hence not overexposing the subject, which is good.

Front Camera Samples

Vivo has marketed their phones around the camera and music experiences. Staying true to this, we found the Vivo V7 featuring a very good 24MP front camera. The phone comes with natural as well as Face Beauty 7.0 mode, which offers certain enhancements.

The daylight and artificial light images on the device are captured without flash. While natural photos are good, the portrait bokeh mode is also impressive, with very little issues in most instances.

Low light selfies are taken with the dedicated moonlight flash – the resulting images are lit evenly and are grain-free. However, the detail retention is slightly compromised in low light, but even then the V7 manages to maintain very good quality.

Vivo V7 Music Overview

Vivo V7 sound test

Talking about the music aspect of the phone, the Vivo V7 comes with a bottom firing speaker. It is a powerful speaker and gave satisfactory results on the loudness test as well. The audio experience was pleasant with deep, rich tones in our tests.

On Sound Meter, which is common loudness measurement app, the device scores a maximum of 81dB with an average of 65 dB. This puts the phone in the measure of ‘conversation’ and ‘loud music’, which are both good parameters for a smartphone speaker.


As we talk about the camera and speakers on the Vivo V7, we put the device through rigorous tests in various conditions. At the end, we were impressed by the overall media experience that the Vivo V7 offers. The front-facing 24MP selfie camera is exceptionally good in all lighting conditions. Vivo has optimized the camera UI to make full use of the new aspect ratio too.

Apart from offering a great camera and audio experience, the Vivo V7 in the new Energetic Blue color also looks very attractive and premium. If you are a selfie enthusiast and media-savvy youngster, the Vivo V7 Energetic Blue is the perfect choice for you.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.