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Apple iPhone X is the world’s best shipping smartphone: Canalys

Some good news pours in for Cupertino based Apple as Canalys has reported a big success for the Apple iPhone X sales in Quarter 4 of 2017. While the report commented on other iPhone models too, the iPhone X took the limelight as the flagship’s sales have reached a new milestone.

The Canalys report states that Apple has shipped as many as 29 million units of the Apple iPhone X in quarter 4 of 2017. The sale is estimated to be majorly driven by USA and Canada where Apple holds a strong network for easy financing of the tenth anniversary iPhone.

Apple iPhone X performs in Q4 2017


Recently, KGI Securities analysts spoke about Apple discontinuing the iPhone X. While this seems to be a possibility given the current anticipation of the future Apple lineup. With an expectation that the current iPhone flagship will be discontinued in the coming months, it has made the company some good profit.

According to Canalys, the Apple iPhone X is the “world’s best-shipping smartphone model” in Quarter 4 of 2017, with a total of 29 million units sold out of which 7 million were shipped to China. The analysts also believe that the initial production difficulties hampered the sales somewhat, but since Apple was quick to catch up, they made profits in the second phase of iPhone X sales.

Canalys analyst TuanAnh Nguyen said in a release, “While new technologies, such as Face ID and bezel-less displays, help to justify the $999 price tag and maintain competitiveness with Samsung, Huawei and Google, having a larger portfolio allows Apple to meet its overall shipment targets, and protect its market leadership in the premium segment.”

Apart from positive results on Canalys, a KGI report has also predicted the shipping of 18 million iPhone X units in the first quarter of 2018. While Apple will not slash the prices of its tenth anniversary iPhone, the device will be discontinued and replaced with a new flagship, which will be the next iteration with the same design.


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