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Vivo Xplay7 will come with 10GB RAM, 512GB storage, 4K OLED display

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo may soon unveil a smartphone with as much as 10GB RAM and 512GB internal storage. The device will be dubbed as the Vivo Xplay7 and it is expected to come with flagship specifications from the company.

The BBK Holdings owned Vivo is expected to soon launch the device as fresh leaks on Weibo with the company branding on top. In what seems to be a leaked teaser, Vivo’s future plans might be out. Also, if we consider the leak, then the Vivo Xplay7 will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful phone available in the coming time.

Vivo Xplay7 rumoured specifications

Vivo Xplay7 leaks

Vivo Xplay7 leaks source: Weibo

Judging by the leaked pointers, we have all the possible pointers of a flagship device here. However, there are no images of the device yet. Starting with the display here, the device is mentioned to come with a 92.9% screen-to-body ratio and a 4K OLED display.

In terms of optics, the device will come with a dual camera setup at the back of the device. It is a dual IMX Sony lens in a custom configuration. These lenses will offer up to 4X optical zoom that is industry-leading in itself. There is no word about the front-facing camera but we can expect something big since Vivo is known for its selfie-centric approach.

Coming to the third pointer in the leaks, it is mentioned that the Vivo Xplay7 will come with Facial recognition 2.0, as well as an under-display fingerprint sensor. We think Vivo might take a different approach like Samsung and turn the entire OLED screen into a fingerprint sensor.

It is the fourth point that bears most significance here. It states that the Snapdragon 845 processor will make its ‘World Debut’ on this device. Along with the processor, it states that the Vivo Xplay7 will come with a whopping 10GB RAM, along with two storage variants i.e. 256GB and 512GB. This will be the maximum storage we would possibly see in a smartphone this year.


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