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Samsung announces ISOCELL Dual camera solution for budget phones

Samsung Electronics has launched a dual camera solution which is aimed at budget smartphones. The company has introduced the dual camera solution with its ISOCELL Dual image sensors and software that will bring dual camera features like bokeh effect and low-light shooting even to budget smartphones.

Until now, the dual camera features had generally been exclusive to premium smartphones. Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual sensors and its proprietary software algorithms will enable these features in entry-level mobile devices. As of now, integrating dual cameras is a difficult process for OEMs.

The dual camera smartphones have two image sensors that capture different light information and enable features like bokeh effect or refocusing and low light shooting. However, it is a time-consuming process between the OEMs and different vendors that develop the sensors and algorithm software.

Samsung’s ISOCELL dual camera solution

Samsung will simplify that process and reduce optimization difficulties with dual camera smartphones in order to enable mid-level to entry-level mobile devices to take advantage of dual camera features. To accelerate the development, Samsung offers ISOCELL Dual sensor hardware and sensor-optimized algorithm software both. Samsung is coupling its bokeh or refocusing algorithm with a 13MP+5MP set of image sensors, and its low light shooting algorithm with a set of two 8MP sensors.

Samsung’s total solution for ISOCELL Dual will make our customers’ product development process easier, allowing them to bring the most optimized dual camera features to a wider range of consumers,” said Ben K. Hur, VP-System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung showcased its first ISOCELL Dual camera module at MWC Shanghai in June last year and it made its debut on the Galaxy Note 8. The South Korean giant also launched the Galaxy J7+ as its first mid-range smartphone with a dual camera setup that included 13MP and 5MP image sensors.


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