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How to check if your iPhone is slowed down: How to make it fast again

Apple has admitted to throttling down older iPhones due to battery degradation, in a move that has caused some anger amongst iPhone users. The next step is for you to find out whether your iPhone is slowed down or not, and here is how.

With Apple deliberately slowing down iPhone 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6, and iPhone SE, there are chances that your iPhone is also throttled if you have one of these iPhones. Checking this yourself will help you make a decision regarding either battery replacement or buying a new iPhone.

Check if your iPhone is slowed down

Apple iPhone 6S Outer Casing

There is a simple app that you can use to check if your iPhone is being throttled. This application is GeekBench 4 and it is available in the App Store for Rs. 80. After downloading the app, you can run the benchmark to check your CPU performance.

There are certain set CPU clock speeds for every iPhone. If yours is clocked much lower than the below mentioned speeds, it indicates your iPhone has been throttled. These should be the ideal clock speeds depending on your iPhone model

iPhone model Ideal CPU Clock Speed
iPhone 7 2350 MHz
iPhone 6s Plus 1848 MHz
iPhone 6s 1848 MHz
iPhone 6 1400 MHz
iPhone SE 1848 MHz


If your iPhone clocks at or around these speeds, it is working normally. However, if it clocks way below these core speeds, that means your iPhone is a victim of throttling. In this case, you will have to take a call about your device.

What to do if your iPhone is slowed down

Now that you’ve found out that your iPhone is throttled, it’s time to take a decision. You can choose between using it the way it is, getting the battery replaced, or buying a new device altogether. If you can use it for day to day purpose without much difficulty, then your trouble ends there.

However, if you expect good performance out of your iPhone and wish to restore it the way it was, you can get a battery replacement. While the battery is free if your phone is under warranty, you’d have to pay just $29 (roughly Rs. 1870) to get a replacement after the warranty is over.


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