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Nokia 8110 4G Full Specs, Features, Expected Price and FAQ

HMD Global has kept their promise to make big announcements at the MWC 2018. While the company introduced phones for every range, a new feature phone caught our eye. The Nokia 8110 4G, which resurrects the iconic model from the old days of Nokia. Taking the GTUMWC2018 coverage further, here is our hands-on of the new Nokia 8110 4G.

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Nokia 8110 4G Specifications

Key Specifications Nokia 8110 4G
Display 2.45-inch
Screen Resolution QVGA, 240 x 320 pixels
Operating System Smart Feature OS backed by KaiOS
Processor Dual Core
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 205
GPU Adreno 304
Internal Storage 4GB
Expandable Storage Yes
Primary Camera 2MP with flash
Secondary Camera NA
Video Recording Yes
Battery 1,500mAh
4G VoLTE Yes
Sim Card Type Dual SIM
Dimensions 133.45 x 49.3 x 14.9 mm
Weight 117 grams
Price Rs. 6,200

Nokia 8110 Physical Overview

Nokia 8110 4G front

The Nokia 8110 4G comes with a banana-like curved design with a sliding keypad cover. While the phone is heavily inspired from its predecessor, it comes with modern looks. The display is a QVGA panel and it is not a touch screen display. The slider on the keyboard unlocks the phone when you slide it down and locks it when you slide it back up.

 Nokia 8110 4G back

At the back of the phone, the banana curve of the device is noticeable. You get a single 2MP camera with flash and a speaker. The Nokia branding can also be seen at the back. The phone fits nicely in hand but feels slightly tall and thick when it comes to the build. However, when you hold the phone, you can use it easily with one hand.

The back of the phone pops open to unveil the insides of the device. The Nokia 3310 4G is backed by a 1,500 mAh battery and supports Dual SIM cards and a microSD card. The good thing here is that the connectivity is uncompromised. This means you can use two SIM cards and a microSD card on the device together.

Nokia 8110 4G – Unique Selling Points

Iconic Design

 Nokia 8110 4G design

The phone comes as a nostalgia to many of us. It resurrects the iconic design of the older Nokia 8110. While the old one seems a lot bulkier and chunky, the newly launched 4G variant is a sleek and elegant. The design as well as the colour options make it look good and modern.

You can get the Nokia 8110 4G in black and Banana yellow colours. The design also adds functionality as the device is unlocked when you slide open the keypad. For a feature phone, the device looks good and different compared to its competitors.

New games and apps

Nokia 8110 4G games

In terms of games, the Nokia 8110 4G comes with the new Snake game. While the old snake was popular with Nokia feature phones earlier, the company is bringing a newer version for this phone. Facebook also comes pre-installed on the phone so you can make use of the 4G capabilities and stay connected with social media.

Added apps like Twitter, Maps, and an App Store make it a smart feature phone which is good. So apart from the design, we can say that the unique app package is another reason the phone stands out.

Nokia 8110 FAQ

Question: What is the display size and resolution?

Answer: The Nokia 8110 4G comes with a 2.45-inch QVGA display. It is not a touch screen panel and you can navigate using the 4-way navigation buttons.

Question: What is the RAM and storage available on the phone?

Answer: The phone comes 512MB RAM and 4GB flash storage. There is also a microSD card slot on the device.

Question: What is battery capacity on the Nokia 8110 4G?

Answer: The phone comes with a 1,500 mAh removable battery that should power it for more than a full day of usage.

Question: What are the connectivity options on the phone?

Answer: The device features a Micro USB port, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and FM as some of the connectivity options.

Questions: Are there any apps installed on the phone?

Answer: Yes, the Nokia 8110 comes with Facebook, Maps, Twitter, and Google as some of the pre-loaded apps.

Question: What are the colours available in the Nokia 8110 4G?

Answer: The phone will come in black and banana yellow colours.

Nokia 8110 4G – Things We Like

  • Iconic Design
  • Vivid colours
  • Functional apps

Nokia 8110 4G – Things We Dislike

  • Chunkier than the regular feature phones
  • Polycarbonate body


Wrapping up on the hands-on of the Nokia 8110 4G, we can say the device is surely a good option for feature phone users. It is stylish and brings back a distinct design from the past. With apps and new games, the phone is an even more appealing package.

However, with the shift to Android, a feature phone may feel left out and lagging behind. That too is tackled to some extent by the pre-loaded apps on the Nokia 8110 4G.

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