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The Legendary Moto Razr could make a comeback, hints Motorola at #MWC2018

We have already seen the return of the Nokia 8110 at the ongoing MWC 2018. Now, it looks like another retro phone might get a comeback in coming days and the phone we are talking about is iconic Moto Razr from 2005. Motorola’s CEO has just dropped a hint about its legendary Moto Razr design’s comeback.

Lenovo-CEO Yang Yuanqing spoke to a select group of journalists at the MWC 2018 event and TechRadar asked him about Razr phone’s revival. “With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design. So hopefully what you just described (the Razr) will be developed or realized very soon, ” he told the TechRadar.

Moto Razr V3

Going by his statement, he also hinted towards Motorola might launch a foldable smartphone in the coming days. The flexible display technology has been rumored since the Samsung hinted about Galaxy X. ZTE has even launched Axon M with a foldable display.

Now, in case of Motorola, it may a new phone line altogether and the company might use the Razr branding for it. Also, he could have been hinting towards an updated version of the Moto Razr, following in the footsteps of HMD Global.

Nokia 8110 4G
Nokia 8110 4G launched at MWC 2018

This can be seen as a strategy to take on HMD Global’s Nokia brand that has just launched the Nokia 8110. The company had earlier launched Nokia 3310 as well and later by adding 4G connectivity to it made it even more successful. So, it seems Lenovo-owned Motorola might be looking to revive the Moto Razr.

While the CEO’s statement is a little vague, it seems that Motorola is looking to develop foldable smartphones and the new smartphone series could sport the Razr branding. The Motorola Razr V3 with an iconic design was launched back in 2005.

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