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Microsoft Launcher latest beta update brings several new features, bug fixes

Microsoft today rolled out a new update to its Microsoft Launcher app for Android. It is the beta update that brings some new features and bug fixes to the Android app. Some of the new features include scrollable wallpapers, daily backgrounds by Bing, and app notification control, etc.

The Microsoft Launcher latest update with v4.7 is exclusively for beta users as of now. The update is more customized for Android now and apart from new features, Microsoft has also fixed previous bugs and issues users had complained about. Earlier, Microsoft Launcher v4.6 came with Cortana support for Android.

Microsoft Launcher 4.7 Beta features

Daily backgrounds

First of all, Microsoft Launcher Beta users will now get daily background images from Bing. Users will have the option to make a set of wallpapers on their own. These wallpapers will be scrollable as well and the background image will move as the user scrolls from left to right.


The users will also be able to control notifications from apps for specific services. The badge notification will be customizable to a certain extent. Moreover, Microsoft Launcher Beta users will also be able to get their calendar notifications on the lock screen.

Improvements in UI

The user interface (UI) features will also be improved on four fronts. There will be a simplified long press app context menu with the “What’s New” experience. It has support for moving and cloning apps to folders.

Bug Fixes

Microsoft has also fixed some minor bugs including the one which affected the Feedback and Help page that didn’t allow the users to report feedback. This issue is now fixed and users will be able to report their feedback via the Feedback page. There are some other bugs which have been fixed to improve the performance of the app.

As mentioned, this is Microsoft Launcher Beta update and once it passes through testing, it will be rolled out to normal users in the coming weeks.


Satyendra Pal Singh

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