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Xiaomi announces Mi Exchange program on Here’s how to avail it

You can now exchange your old smartphones and get an exchange value that can be used to buy a new Xiaomi smartphone at lower price. Xiaomi has announced the Mi Exchange program on to exchange your old phones.

Xiaomi will offer the best exchange value in terms of coupons for your device on the basis of device’s condition and current market price. Once your Mi account is credited with the exchange value coupon, you can order new Xiaomi smartphone and use the coupon during checkout. Your old phone will be collected at the time of delivery.

How to avail Mi Exchange offer

First of all, visit and select your device from the list of supported devices under this program. If your device is not listed then you are not eligible for Mi exchange. You will be asked to provide IMEI number after selecting the device.

Your device needs to be in working condition with no physical damage. If all the conditions are met, click ‘Get exchange coupon’ and your Mi account will be credited with the exchange value coupon. This coupon can only be used to purchase a new smartphone on

Xiaomi Mi Exchange

Your old phone will be picked up by us at the time the new one is delivered. You should keep your old phone ready with all data backed up and also with all screen locks disabled at the time of pickup. You can only exchange one device at a time and also each order can only consist a single smartphone.

Exchange Value Coupons

Xiaomi offers exchange value coupons that are only available on smartphones, however, accessories can be a part of the order. If the exchange coupon is of higher value, the smartphone can be ordered without any charges. However, accessories would be chargeable.

It is to be noted that no other additional offer is valid with the exchange offer and also the Exchange Value coupons cannot be coupled with any other coupon. The Mi exchange coupon is valid for a time period of 15 days from the date of issuance.


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