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Xiaomi launches Mi Crowdfunding in India: Here’s how it works

Xiaomi has launched Mi Crowdfunding in India where users can support, buy and help Xiaomi decide which products can be launched in India. If some product gets 100% support within a stipulated timeline, the project will be considered successful for that product and it will be shipped to backers and will also be launched for other users as well.

As of now, only two products – Mi Selfie Stick Tripod and Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver are listed on Xiaomi Mi crowdfunding page. Both the products will be available for funding at Rs. 1,099 and Rs. 999, respectively for the next 13 days. These two have got 91% and 113% support as of now.

How does Xiaomi Crowdfunding work?

In order to support a product, select the product and click on ‘Support now’ and place your order. You can use any preferred online payment mode (Credit card/ Debit card, Internet banking, or payment wallets) and pay within the defined timelines on the payment page.

You can then come back anytime to check the project progress and the project will be successful once the bar reaches 100% in the defined timelines. The priority delivery within the said timelines and if the project is unsuccessful, you will get your entire money back. You can also cancel the order before it ships out if you don’t want to buy it.

Mi Selfie Stick Tripod

The Mi Selfie stick tripod is a unique selfie stick and tripod stand combined into one unit and comes with a Bluetooth shutter remote. It supports Bluetooth 3.0, Android 4.3 and higher and iOS 5.0 and higher mobile phones.

It sports 360° rotating phone mount that can hold phones with a width between 56 and 89mm. The Selfie stick’s rod is made of aluminum alloy that is strong and the length can be expanded as well.

Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

There is another product dubbed as Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver. The Bluetooth device comes with one key to control Bluetooth Audio Receiver like On/Off, connecting mobile or any other devices. It comes with a Built-in professional AMP chip.

It supports Bluetooth 4.2 transmission and lets you connect two devices at the same time. It also supports 3.5mm audio interface. Further, it comes with battery plug and play and packs a 97mAh battery that offers 4-5 hours of audio playback.

Check out these products available for crowdfunding in India on here.


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