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LG patents a device with two screens, batteries and two headphone jacks

LG had filed a patent for a foldable phone back in 2016 which comes equipped with two displays, two batteries, and two headphone jacks. This patent of the foldable smartphone got filed back in September 2016 which got published today, all thanks to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The patent has its title as “Mobile Terminal” which has two screens which are curved through the sides of the phone which shows notification and time.


The images of the patented smartphone also got out which shows a lot about the foldable smartphone. It shows two individual smartphones connected with a hinge which can be turned into one large display when opened completely. The two displays can also be used to simulate book reading which user can turn pages just like in a book. Then the smartphone is folded in a tent mode, it can play different videos on each display which two people can enjoy by using each of the two headphone ports.

The two smartphones connected with the hinge has their own battery which powers the two displays separately. Both of the smartphone parts come with their own camera and own separate battery.

Now, LG is in the list of the companies who already submitted the foldable smartphone patents which include Samsung too. ZTE has already created a smartphone called Axon M which comes with a foldable design but it only comes with one battery and one headphone port. LG has approached a totally different design which comes with a separate headphone jack and battery.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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