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How to get Rs 750 cashback on BHIM app every month

Indian government launched an amazing cashback offer for all the BHIM users in India. The cashback amount starts from Rs 51 and goes up to Rs 750 in a month and Rs 1000 for merchants. Digital India on its Twitter account posted a picture with some links and a bunch of has tags about the BHIM app and cash back.

Digital India announced on Twitter that they will soon share the reasons of why they launched the cashback offer. But before that announcement, let’s see how you can get the cashback of Rs 750 per month just by transferring money to other accounts.

How to get Rs 750 cashback on BHIM app every month

BHIM 750 cashback

The first cashback is on Rs 51 which you will get automatically when you will carry out your first transaction, without any sort of limits. There is no minimum transfer limit to get this Rs 51 cashback, you will get it even if you transfer Rs 1 from your account to another BHIM user.

You have to link your bank account to the BHIM app and you have to create a VPA/ UPI ID. On every successful transaction, you will get an assured Rs 25 cashback instantly. Also, here comes the limitations – first, you have to make a transaction of minimum Rs 100 and you will only able to get a maximum of Rs 500 cashback.

The third method is the big bonanza cashback for using the BHIM app. This cashback can be availed when a certain number of transactions are done in a month. If you carry out more than 25 transactions but less than 50 transactions using BHIM app, you can get Rs 100 cashback. If the transactions range between 50 to 100 then you get Rs 200 cashback. For more than 1000 transactions, you will get Rs 250 cashback.

All transactions above Rs 10 will be considered for this monthly cashback.