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JioPhone Match Pass Offer: How to get up to 112GB free data

Reliance Jio is offering up to 112GB free data to its subscribers with its JioPhone Match Pass. The telecom operator has announced the offer for Jio users who want more data to watch IPL 2018 matches. With the offer, Jio users can get a total of up to 112GB data, which will be valid up to 56 days so that they can watch IPL matches for free on their mobile devices.

The offer, called JioPhone Match Pass is an exclusive offer for Reliance Jio customers to watch all the cricket matches on their mobile devices for free. To avail the offer, subscribers will have to ask their family or friends to buy a JioPhone, and after a successful purchase, they will get a 4-day Jio Cricket data pack with 8GB data.

How JioPhone Match Pass offer works

For the first four people who buy a JioPhone after referring, you will get 8GB data for each referral with a validity of 4 days and a daily limit of 2GB. If the fifth person buys a JioPhone, you will get 24GB data this time which will be valid for 12 days with a daily limit at 2GB. This makes total 56GB of data.

Next, for the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth person, you will get 8GB data for each referral, with 4-day validity and 2GB daily limit. For the tenth person, you will get another 24GB data with 12-day validity, and 2GB daily limit. So, this is another 56GB data and there will be combined 112GB data with a total validity of 56 days.

Moreover, the people to whom you refer the JioPhone will also get 8GB free data with 4-days validity and a daily limit of 2GB. The company might have introduced this JioPhone Match Pass offer to boost up the sales of its feature phone aka JioPhone.

How to avail JioPhone Match Pass offer

To avail the offer, simply ask any of your family or friends to get a JioPhone for themselves by following these simple steps.

First of all, Pass on this toll-free number (1800-890-8900) to your friends. Your friends need to call on that number and after that enter your Jio number, and their area PIN code. Your friends then can visit a nearby retailer to buy a JioPhone or they can order JioPhone online from

Once they get their JioPhone, you both will be entitled to get a 4-day Jio Cricket data pack with 8GB data which you can watch all IPL 2018 matches during these 4 days on your JioPhone.


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