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Xiaomi India introduces Mi VIP Club: Upgrade Rewards, Birthday Gifts and more

Xiaomi India has introduced a new Mi VIP Club for Mi fans. This is an exclusive club for MI users in India and it offers all members unique benefits like early access to Xiaomi phones, birthday gifts, coupons, chance to join launch events and much more.

Earlier, Xiaomi had introduced the Reward Mi program to reward Xiaomi fans and now, it has come up with the Mi Vip Club which has four levels.

How to join Mi VIP Club

Joining Mi VIP Club is quite easy. You need to just Sign in on Xiaomi India online store, read Terms and Conditions and agree to join Mi VIP Club. Once you join the club, you will get a level of Mi VIP Club. All the club members are also part of Reward Mi program apart from the VIP privileges.

There is a four-level classification under VIP Club –  Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, each having its own privileges. Mi users can keep shopping on Mi Store and once they have enough VIP Points required for the next level, they will automatically start getting the next level’s privileges.

Mi VIP Club Privileges

Upgrade Rewards

When you upgrade from one level to another, you will receive upgrade rewards. The higher your level, the more rewards you will get.

Birthday Gifts

Every year, Platinum and Diamond Class members will get a Birthday gift from Xiaomi.

Annual Souvenirs

During every Mi Anniversary, Xiaomi will offer exclusive souvenir to Platinum Class and Diamond Class users.

Members-Only Events

Xiaomi will organize at least two exclusive event benefits where many units of any Xiaomi device will be on sale and these will only be available to VIP members.

If we talk about class-wise benefits, the following is the classification:

  • Sliver Class- Extra 50% points on buying Accessory via, and Redeem Mi tokens.
  • Gold Class- Extra 50% points on buying Accessory, Redeem Mi tokens and Upgrade rewards.
  • Platinum Class- Extra 50% points on buying Accessories, Redeem Mi tokens, Upgrade Rewards, Birthday Gifts, Annual Souvenirs and Mi VIP tokens.
  • Diamond Class- Extra 50% points on buying Accessories, Redeem Mi tokens, Upgrade Rewards, Birthday Gifts, Annual Souvenirs, Mi VIP tokens, Mi VIP Rewards, and Join Launch Events..

How to earn Mi VIP Points

Every user can get 1% of transaction value as Mi VIP Point. Your class depends on the Mi VIP Points earned by you. Earning Mi VIP Points is quite easy. You will earn Mi VIP points for every purchase you made on Moreover, you will get separate VIP points for daily check-ins, registering a phone number, entering your birthday, registering credit/debit card, and for first pre-paid purchase.


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