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Apple iOS 12 announced: improved performance, Group facetime, Memoji

Apple has announced the iOS 12 at its WWDC 2018 event in San Jose, USA. The new iteration of iOS brings a lot of improvements and features which were in demand from the users for a long time. The highlights of the new iOS 12 are Siri improvements, performance enhancements, Group FaceTime, Memoji, Shared AR Experience and more.

The iOS 12 update will be available for the iPhone 5s and later and the iPad Air, Pro, Mini 2 and the 5th generation. Apple has already released the iOS 12 Beta 1 for the developers and the open beta will be available later this month. Here some notable features of iOS 12.

iOS 12 Features

Performance upgrade


The iOS 12 brings performance upgrade to all the supported devices all the way up to iPhone 5s and the iPad Air. Comparing it to the previous version of iOS, launching the apps and typing with the keyboard is now faster than ever. The launch time of the apps has been reduced to half and even under a heavy workload, the apps will be launched faster.


FaceTime is a feature which Apple users use a lot and apple has decided to make it better. The FaceTime on iOS 12 can now let you connect to upto 32 people at once. The person who is talking will be highlighted and the tile will enlarge automatically so you won’t feel lost in the chat.

ARKit 2

With the launch of the ARKit 2, the AR experience has been upgraded on a lot of iOS devices running the new iOS 12. The AR experience can now be shared with other devices as well as the real world locations at the same time. ARKit 2 now recognize the objects better and can use the information to arrange the AR objects.

Face recognition

The face tracking in iOS 12 has been upgraded and can now recognize if you are winking or sticking your tongue out. The measure app will let you measure flat surfaces by drawing a line against them.



The iPhone X specific feature, Animoji has been upgraded with Memoji. Now you can create your own customized Animoji matching your mood and personality. You can even choose from a lot of characteristics to create a perfect Memoji. The Animoji has also got more characters like a ghost, koala, tiger, and T-Rex.

Siri improvements


Siri in iOS 12 can pair your daily routines with third-party apps to create shortcuts when you need them. Users can also customize shortcuts by creating a customized voice command to trigger the task with simple voice command.

More features

Apple news has also been redesigned to make it better and to discover new channels and topics and to jump straight to them. A new sidebar has been added for better navigation in the iPads. The photos apps now show a For You tab where you will find all your great moments and suggests sharing them with friends. Apple Books has been redesigned with a refreshed user interface. There is a Book Store tab making it easier to browse new books to read and explore the top charts.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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