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Samsung Galaxy S10 may feature triple rear cameras, 3D sensor and more

Samsung is said to be planning to bring triple-rear cameras in its upcoming flagship Galaxy S10, as per the recent reports. Thanks to Huawei’s P20 Pro that started the triple rear cameras trend, now it seems like we will get more flagships with triple cameras in 2019.

Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S10 flagship as its 10th-anniversary flagship. So, the company would not want to leave any stone unturned for this flagship. Apart from triple cameras, earlier it was reported that Samsung will include in-display fingerprint technology on Galaxy S10 as well. Now, as per market analysts, Samsung’s upcoming flagship is expected to come with three rear-facing cameras as well as a 3D sensor.

Samsung, which has a lower-than-expected demand for its latest Galaxy S9 lineup, will consider equipping its next premium phone with the triple cameras and a 3-D sensor to reinvigorate its smartphone business,” said Kim Dong-won, an analyst from KB Securities, as reported by Korean publication The Investor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 triple-camera system

The report does not mention anything about the technical specifications of this triple-camera system that is believed to be on the Galaxy S10. KB Securities analyst, however, only predicts that the Galaxy S10 is going to feature three rear-facing cameras in addition to a 3D sensor.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

If we recall, Huawei introduced the world’s first phone with the triple rear camera system in its P20 Pro smartphone recently. It has three rear cameras with a 40MP primary sensor coupled with an 8MP secondary sensor and a 20MP monochrome sensor. The cameras feature OIS and larger sensors means that the pixels are larger and thus capture more light for improved images.

Similarly, Samsung’s triple rear cameras will allow users to take sharp and crisper photos. Apple is also reported to be planning on a new flagship for 2019 which is reportedly named as the iPhone X Plus and is expected to come with three rear camera lenses.

With the next-generation iPhone also expected to feature a triple-camera system, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Samsung jumps on this bandwagon.


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