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Gboard beta update brings OCR capabilities, battery saver mode, custom text, more

Google has rolled out a new beta update to its Gboard app which brings the version number to V7.3. There are many new features or changes that can be seen in the beta update. However, a teardown of the APK reveals some critical changes such as OCR capabilities, battery saver mode support with a dark theme, custom text and more.

The new features announced for Gboard are probably not live yet or may only be live for a small percentage of users. These features are found in APK teardown of the app as reported by AndroidPolice, so there are also chances that some features could change or maybe even canceled.

OCR Functionality

Google might soon bring OCR functionality to the Gboard app, as hinted by the teardown. However, for now, there are not many details about the same except the name and title. The OCR functionality is likely to allow users to either take existing images stored on the device or open the camera to scan something immediately in front of you. Then, it will paste the content on the image into the current app. Google Lens also has similar functionality, so it will be interesting to see how the new feature changes things on Gboard.

New effects for GIFs

Google might also bring the ability to add various effects to Gif. With the new update, users can add text, edit, and delete while working on the GIF. They can also choose from seven different colors including Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. The company might be adding more effects to the ‘Make A GIF’ feature such as white hearts, an overflowing bag of popcorn, window shade rolls up, and more.

Battery Saver Mode

Gboard might also be working on an improved battery saver mode by cutting down some features when battery saver is turned on. According to some new lines of text in APK teardown, when battery saver is turned on, Gboard may shut down stickers and Bitmoji. Interestingly, it will also switch to a dark theme when battery saver mode is on.

The setting for this will be in the Advanced setting screen once it goes live. The app might also be getting new languages support very soon.

Since it is a beta update, so it might take time to be rolled out for all users. Until then you can download and install the Gboard APK which replaces your existing Gboard app.


Satyendra Pal Singh

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