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WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review: External drive with powerbank?

WD makes some of the most unearthly storage products which we have seen recently. We came across a new product from WD which is an external hard drive but does a lot more than just carrying a lot of data. The WD My Passport Wireless Pro is a wireless external drive which comes with a built-in power bank to power your gadgets.

The latest WD drive comes in four variants according to storage; 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB. The price of the 1 TB variant is Rs. 12,309, for 2TB the price is Rs. 16,300 and the 4TB variant is Rs 19,799.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review

This drive is primarily to extend the storage on your devices like DSLR, drone, and smartphones on the go. Let’s see if this external hard drive is worth the price that you are going to pay.


WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review

  • Storage Capacity: 1 TB (up to 4TB available)
  • Interface: USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi
  • Supporting OS: Windows and MacOS
  • I/O: USB 3.0 port, SD card slot, and USB 2.0 port
  • In-Box contents: WD My Passport Wireless Pro, USB cable, power adapter (for charging) and quick start guide.

Design and Build

The WD My Passport Wireless Pro is not the most compact external drive I saw but looking at so many features and a 6400 mAh battery, this is a small little package. The outer casing is made out of good quality plastic which can take a mild shock depending on how better the mechanical drive has been cushioned inside the housing.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review

The top side of the WD Passport Wireless Pro has a nice texture with status LEDs for drive activity, wireless, and built-in battery capacity. On the side, there are the I/O ports including a USB 3.0 port (Type Micro B), USB 2.0 (Type A) and an SD card slot. There are two buttons, one to check the battery capacity and one to power on/ off the wireless radio. On the bottom side, there are four rubber feet to keep the drive steady on the table.


As I mentioned earlier, the WD My Passport Wireless Pro is more than just an external drive. It comes with a wireless radio so you can access the data without wires, you can even access the data on a smartphone using the My Cloud app. The drive comes with SD card slot to read it wirelessly, and you can also attach a USB drive to the USB 2.0 port to access it wirelessly too.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review

The device is powered by a 6400 mAh battery which will either be helpful as a power bank to charge your smartphones and other devices. The battery can power the drive for 10 hours straight with a full charge. And at last, the drive can also be accessed as a regular external hard drive via a USB 3.0 cable provided inside the package.


The WD My Passport Wireless Pro comes with a mechanical drive inside which provides a good read and write speed when connected via data cable. We benchmarked the drive on our test system and found the results to be quite significant. The average read and write speed of the drive came out to be 140 MB/s and 135MB/s respectively.

The wireless performance of the drive is only satisfactory, the My Cloud app for a smartphone is simple and provides total control over the device including changing the password. Playing the videos from the device wirelessly takes time for buffering but once buffered, the video runs smoothly.


The WD My Passport Wireless Pro is an excellent device for you if you travel a lot and needs a lot of storage to save all your photos and videos. The device is not defining the device fully because you will get all the features at a lesser price but you have to compromise the ‘All-in-one’-ness of this device.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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