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Vodafone Red Postpaid plans revised with more data, free Amazon Prime membership and more

Vodafone Red postpaid plans have been revised to offer more data and other added benefits to users. The telecom operator is offering up to 100% more data, free Amazon Prime membership with all the Vodafone Red postpaid plans, and some plans even offer free Netflix subscription.

All the revised plans are available for all Vodafone postpaid subscribers. Additionally, the telco has rolled out some other benefits too such as free of cost Bill Guarantee, Vodafone Play subscription, Mobile Shield, and Red Hot Deals. The Vodafone Red plans range from Rs. 399 to Rs. 2,999 and listed on the official website.

Vodafone Red Postpaid plans

Rs. 399 and Rs. 499 Plans

First up, the entry-level plan is Rs. 399 Vodafone Red plan which now offers 40GB of data from earlier 20GB. With the Rs. 399 pack, now you will get free Vodafone Play subscription worth Rs. 499 for 1 year, free Amazon Prime subscription worth Rs. 999 for 1 year, and additional coupons worth Rs. 399. Vodafone says the additional benefits are worth Rs. 1,498. This plan is also eligible for Vodafone’s Bill Guarantee feature which promises guaranteed lowest bill for your usage.

Up next is Rs. 499 plan that now offers 75GB of data, up from earlier 40GB. In terms of additional benefits, you will get Vodafone Play subscription, Amazon Prime subscription same as Rs. 399 plan. It will also offer device protection worth Rs. 3,000, and coupons worth Rs. 499. The total benefits under this plan are of Rs. 4,498.

Rs. 1,299 and Rs. 1,999 Plans

Next, there are Rs. 1,299 and Rs. 1,999 Vodafone Red plans, that now offer 100GB and 200GB of data respectively. Users will get unlimited local and STD calls, free national roaming. Additionally, Rs. 1299 plan subscribers will get 100 ISD minutes, while Rs. 2,999 plan users will get 200 ISD minutes.

When it comes to benefits, both plans’ subscribers will be provided with Vodafone Play and Amazon Prime subscriptions for 1 year, device protection worth Rs. 3,000, and coupons worth Rs. 1,299. The Rs. 1,299 plan gives Netflix subscription worth Rs. 1,000 for two months while Rs. 1,999 plan subscribers will receive Netflix subscription for three months worth Rs. 1,500. Vodafone claims the total savings under Rs. 1,299 plan are Rs. 5,498, while Rs. 1,999 plan comes with added benefits worth Rs. 5,998.

Rs. 2,999 Plan

Lastly, there is Rs. 2,999 plan that offers 300GB of data. This plan comes with benefits like 200 minutes of ISD calling alongside unlimited national calling. Coming to the added benefits, Vodafone Rs. 2,999 plan is providing 1 year of free Netflix subscription worth Rs. 6,000, Amazon Prime and Vodafone Play subscription, and others worth Rs. 10,498 in total.

The Vodafone Red plans also offer up to 500GB data rollover options.


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