If you are aware of your fitness, you must keep a check on your weight and other body metrics. This one thing you can do by yourself with just a small gadget- smart scale. ActoFit launched its smart scale in India dubbed as ActoFit Smart Scale which gives you detailed data about your body by measuring 14 different metrics.

This Actofit SmartScale is different from other smart scales as they measure only up to 9 metrics. This feature-rich smart weight scale is priced at just Rs. 5,999. So, how does the ActoFit Smart Scale offer what it promises? Let’s find out in our review.

ActoFit Smart Scale Specifications

Key Specifications ActoFit Smart Scale
Accessibility Auto ON/OFF
Power 6 volts/ 4 AAA batteries
Display LED display
Material Ultra-transparent toughened glass
Measurement Range 0.2-195 Kg (0.4-430 lb)
Dimensions 310x310x25 mm
Compatibility Android version 5.1 and higher, iOS version 9.3 and higher

Design and build quality

Design and build quality wise, the ActoFit Smart Scale looks really nice and has a solid build. There is a combination of glass and plastic. Up front, it has a toughened transparent glass. The glass panel makes it look premium while there is plastic at the bottom that makes it durable.

The bottom has four feet at the corners with a small rubber padding which doesn’t let it slip. There is a battery enclosure at the back that uses a slide in-and-out mechanism which is more secure and durable than the push-to-lock mechanism.

How to setup?

There is nothing much set up to do as ActoFit Smart Scale is super easy to start with. What you need to do is just open the battery enclosure and insert the batteries that come with the box. Now, download the ActoFit Smartscale App on your phone and connect it with the smart scale via Bluetooth.

It is to be noted, that you need to stand on the scale to activate the Bluetooth. So, stand on the machine and also remember that the display is below the glass and lights up while showing the weight. So, make sure you are standing while keeping the company logo between your feet.

After pairing, create a ‘New User’ account in the app. Now, again step on the smart scale for body composition analysis. Your body stats will be recorded and stored in the app. It will also automatically sync your stats on the next use.

Track data via Smart Scale App

Every time you take a measurement, the data will be uploaded on the app where you can track it anytime. All the metrics and pattern developing over time can be seen inside the app. You can manage and share data logs as well as graphically analyze your progress over time after each session.

Moreover, the app can be used by a maximum of 16 users so it can be used by a whole family. With all the data, you can compare your results and analyze details.


As mentioned above, the ActoFit Smart Scale can measure more than just weight. You can track some essential health parameters like BMI, BMR, Body fat etc. Other body composition metrics that it can measure are Body Water, Bone Mass, Fat-Free Weight, Muscle Mass, Protein, Skeletal Muscle, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Weight, Physique Rating, and Metabolic Age.

The company uses Dual frequency BIA technology for measuring these metrics. There is a sensor inside that uses electric current to measure the amount of fat and water in your body. The current travels at different speeds in different things so the smart scale calculates these metrics using that data. It is quite accurate and reliable over traditional methods.


The ActoFit Smart Scale is one of the best smart scales available right now. Alongside sporting a great build quality and looks, it measures complete body vitals. Moreover, you can also get personalized tips from an AI chatbot. The scale also possesses good accuracy and over traditional methods with its dual-frequency BIA technology. So, if you are planning to buy a smart scale, the ActoFit smart scale with all its features is really a good option at this price.

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