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LG XBoom AI ThinQ Speaker Review: Smart speaker with exceptional sound

Smart speakers have become quite popular these days. However, this space has been dominated by two tech giants Amazon and Google with their Echo and Home series smart speakers. Now, another tech giant LG also recently launched its first smart speaker in its XBoom series dubbed as LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7.

LG has partnered with British audio specialist company Meridian to launch this smart speaker with high-fidelity sound quality. The LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7 was launched at a price of Rs 27,990 in India, however, it is currently available for Rs. 17,340 at Amazon. We have been using this speaker for some time now and here is our review of this smart speaker.

Design and Build Quality

Starting with the design, the LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7 speaker sports a cylindrical body. The dimensions of the speaker are 135 x 210.7 x 135 mm, so it actually bigger than other smart speakers available in the market now. The speaker grills are wrapped all around the cylindrical surface in 360-degree to offer better sound.

The top of the speaker is a flat and circular surface that sports the volume and function buttons. The buttons are embedded into the top flat surface and they don’t create any elevation or depression on the surface. You need to tap them lightly with your fingers.

The bottom of the speaker sports a micro USB port, an input port, and the reset button. The upper back side of the speaker sports a button for the microphone.

Since this is designed as a home speaker, there is no strap or something to carry it. Overall, design and build quality wise it is a solid, premium looking smart speaker.


The LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7 is quite easy to set up. Connect it with wi-fi by pressing the F button and since it is powered by Google Assistant you will need to download the Google Home app. Now, after connecting it with the app you can give the voice commands. It will give the information you need apart from just playing songs. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream from your mobile as well. There is also no AUX cable port.

The smart speaker also has built-in Chromecast, so you can stream it with compatible displays like smart TVs. This speaker is also one of the first products to come with Google’s new Android Things platform so you will also be able to ask Google for information like weather report and make calls. You can also control other smart home devices with it.


LG has a partnership with Meridian company to make this speaker with high-quality audio alongside being an intelligent one and the audio quality is really good. The speaker supports high-res audio at 24bit/96kHz to provide amazing audio fidelity. The company has also used 24-bit upsampling with which the speaker is able to convert low-res audio to 24-bit high-res format.

The music we listened to sounded very crisp with impressive bass. At the highest volume, the speaker will not offer roof-blasting sound but the volume was loud enough for a medium-sized room. Moreover, the cylindrical design offers a 360-degree sound.


The LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7 is a smart speaker that offers exceptional audio quality. With the support of Google Assistant, you can use it with your voice from anywhere in the room and also ask Google for the information you want. Its sturdy 360-degree design also contributed to a better sound. Although it is costlier than Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, in terms of audio quality and overall performance, it can prove to be a good option in smart speakers line-up.

You can buy LG X-Boom AI ThinQ WK7 at


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