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YouTube Music App Released in India: Download Your Favorite Music for Free

Google has finally released its two most popular services in India; YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Earlier, the Google Play Music app was available in India to stream music, but the experience was not as good as other music streaming services like Saavn or Gaana. Now, the new YouTube Music plays music exclusively from YouTube in video or audio form. You can also download them and even play them in the background when you minimize the app.

YouTube Music


The YouTube Music app has a pretty basic user interface with all your artists and lasts played music on the top. At the bottom bar, you get two other tabs; Trending and Library. In the Trending tab, you will see al the trending music videos from YouTube. In the Library tab, you will find all your last played music, your playlists, albums, liked songs, artists and your downloaded music.


YouTube Music will let you download the music on your smartphone so you can listen to them when you are offline. The app will also keep the music playing in the background when you minimize the app. YouTube Music app lets you switch between music or video with a single tap in the toggle.

There are different radios and playlists available which you can play according to your likings. The app suggests you new and recommended music on the home page so you won’t miss any single update. You can download the songs in your smartphone with different quality; the app actually downloads the whole video and will play is as music if you want later.


You have to pay Rs 99 per month to Google for the YouTueb Music subscription. If you already have a subscription for the Google Play music, then you don’t need to pay separately for the YT Music subscription. If you want to try YouTube Music before buying the subscription, then you are in luck because Google is giving three months of subscription for free.

YouTube Premium

YouTube finally released its premium service in India which comes with some additional features which are not available in regular YouTube app. The YouTube Premium includes some premium features like downloading unlimited videos, playing them in pop up or background. The Premium subscription all provide access to the YouTube Original videos.

Users have to buy the YouTube Premium subscription separately from the YouTube Music subscription. You have to pay Rs 149 per month but Google being generous here giving away three months of subscription. To grab the offer, you have to give your debit/ credit card details, but Google won’t charge you until the free subscription will end.

Wrapping up

YouTube Music and YouTube premium services are a good option for you if you are not using any other music streaming service right now. If you were already using Saavn or Gaana subscription, then there is no need to spend money here. The YouTube Premium service is worth trying which will give you some fantastic features and options which you only dreamt about before.