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Facebook F8 2019: New Features Announced for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook F8 is an annual conference held by Facebook for developers and entrepreneurs. Facebook kicked off this year’s ‘F8’ conference on Tuesday. At day 1 of F8 2019, Facebook announced a lot of new features for all of its platforms.

During the F8 2019 developers conference keynote, the company announced updates to Facebook, photo-sharing app Instagram, and messaging platforms WhatsApp & Messenger. Here are the key details.

Facebook new features

First of all, Facebook announced a major design change to its core social media service. The company calls it “FB5” and it is a fresh new design for Facebook that is faster, simpler, and immersive than before.

Apart from the new design, Facebook also introduced new tools for ‘Groups’ which will make engaging with groups of people easier.

The company also introduced a ‘Meet New Friends’ feature that will help people making friends with new people from their communities like a school or workplace.  

Further, Facebook also announced a new feature called ‘Secret Crush’ where users can select up to nine Facebook friends whom they are interested in.

Users will see some of these updates in the Facebook app right now while the desktop site will see the updates in the next few months.

Instagram new features

The company is bringing three new features to Instagram- ‘the ability to shop from creators’, ‘a way to fundraise for causes’ and ‘a new & improved camera’. Starting next week, you can start shopping from the creators you follow without leaving Instagram.

Further, you can raise money for a nonprofit cause on Instagram through a donation sticker in Stories. Currently, it is available in the US and will be rolled out to more countries later.

They’re also introducing a new camera design with a Create Mode that offers an easy way to share something without a photo or video. This new feature will use popular tools like effects and stickers.

Messenger new features

The Messenger will now be faster and lighter than ever and it will begin to roll out later this year. It will now allow users to discover and watch videos from Facebook in real time. They’ll also be able to share a video from the Facebook on Messenger and even invite others to watch.  This feature will begin to roll it out later this year.

The company has also announced a Messenger Desktop app. Users will be able to download the app on desktop for both Windows and MacOS. Ut is being tested as of now and will roll out globally later this year.

WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp users will be able to see a business catalog right within the app while chatting with a business. Businesses will be showcasing their goods through these catalogues so people can easily find them.

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