How to Get OnePlus 7 Pro Camera and Gallery Features on Old OnePlus Phones

OnePlus 7 Pro

After the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus fans must be excited to try their hands on the new flagship. If you are one of them and also have been using an old OnePlus running on Android Pie, you can add new features to your phone’s camera and gallery. As per the XDA Developers, the developers have already created some actual apps from the device.

So, here we are telling you how you can get OnePlus 7 Pro’s Camera and Gallery features on an older OnePlus device. We have given the apk download links below.

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera App

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The first apk is version 3.2.91 of the OnePlus 7 Pro Camera app. The new version of the app adds new features and modes to the camera. It also removes Smile Capture and renames “Auto Nightscape Scene Detection” to “Smart Content Detection,”. With a new feature, you can also reorder the modes in the bottom bar of the app.

The new camera app also comes with Google Lens integration. To bring the Google Lens, you will have to just tap and hold on the viewfinder. It works in offline mode as well and you’ll see suggestions on the camera app itself.

Download OnePlus Camera apk 3.2.91

OnePlus 7 Pro Gallery App

You can also download a new OnePlus Gallery app on your OnePlus phone. The Gallery app with version 3.2.7 brings the new “Collections” feature to your phone. With this, you can arrange all your on-device folders within a place in the gallery. This offers a much cleaner UI which is also easy to navigate.

When you open a photo, the viewer has also been changed a little such as the “Favorite” button with a heart icon is now on top. Moreover, the date on which a photo is taken now also appears on top.

Download OnePlus Gallery apk 3.2.7

How do you like these new apps on your OnePlus device? Do you have any query? Tell us in comments.