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Your Current Passport is Getting Outdated by e-Passport; Details Here

Everything in India is going digital whether its a citizenship ID or any other identification service. And now your passport is going to be an e-passport. The government is working on making the passports digital by putting an electronic chip inside. This will not only save the time of the officials but also it will be more secure than the current passport.

Know how this new e-Passport works and how can you get your passport upgraded to the new e-Passport.

What is an e-Passport?

The e-Passport is a regular passport which contains an electronic chip to hold some necessary information about the passport holder. The chip can store the data like the holder’s name and can store some visits. The chip will be embedded at the back of the passport which can only be read manually.

How does an e-Passport work?

The e-Passport will look like any regular passport but with better quality and a chip integrated at the back. This chip can be read or written manually, there will be no remote connection possible to this chip. This feature will make it secure enough so no one can temper or read your data other than officials.

Why do we need an e-passport?

The e-Passport will enable the officials to enter or retrieve data from the passport easily and quickly. This will save a lot of time and effort of a lot of people working at the airports and it will save the passengers from a lot of hassle as well. If the passports go all electronic, it will also be environment-friendly that there will be no paper getting wasted making new passports.

Will it be Secure?

Yes, the e-Passport will be secure and if the chip is been tampered with, the officials will not allow the passenger any further. The data in e-Passport would not be accessed remotely so without physical contact with the passport, no one can retrieve or temper the data on the passport.

How to upgrade your current passport?

The technology behind the e-Passport is being developed by the Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur and National Informatics Centre (NIC). It is still in the works so it may take about a year or two to get completely implemented by the government. Till then, your current passport will work as it should and you will not have any problem.


The e-Passport will be better in various ways and we expect that the government will bring this soon to us. This technology will reduce a lot of hassle from officials as well as passengers. We can only wait for this technology to come to reality and keep the


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