Xiaomi Will Soon Launch 64MP and 100MP Camera Phones

Xiaomi has announced that it will soon launch its 64MP camera phone and after that, it will introduce a 100MP camera phone as well. Xiaomi says that it will be one of the first companies to launch a 64MP camera phone and it will be launched in India in Q4 2019.

Xiaomi 64MP Camera Phone

Xiaomi‘s upcoming Redmi branded phone will use Samsung’s latest 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. The company hasn’t yet revealed on which phone it will use a 64MP sensor. However, it is expected to be the Redmi Note 8 as the company used the 48MP sensor on its Redmi Note 7 first.

The new 64MP sensor is 38% bigger than 48MP sensor and it will offer 9248 x 6936 pixels resolution. You can even print a 3.26 meters (244cm x 326cm) huge poster from the captured image. The company also posted a 64MP sample showing its clear details.

To recall, Samsung’s new GW1 sensor uses 4-in-1 pixel binning technology for improved low-light shots. Also, the ISOCELL Plus technology offers higher color fidelity with up to 15% enhancement in light sensitivity. It also comes with Smart ISO supported by Dual Conversion Gain technology that adjusts the ISO sensitivity based on light.

Further, it is equipped with Hybrid 3D HDR that will offer HDR of up to 100-decibels to provide richer colors. This is very high in comparison to a conventional image sensor, which offers around 60dB. This will enable the sensor to capture more lively images.

Xiaomi 100MP Camera Phone

Further, Xiaomi also announced that it would also launch a 100MP camera phone after the launch of 64MP camera phone. The company will use Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL sensor for ultra-clear 12032×9024 pixel resolution images. The company hasn’t shared any details about the phone but it is said to be the upcoming Mi MIX 4.

The Redmi 64MP camera phone will be launched in the Q4 2019 which means the phone will be available in India sometime between October and December. There are no more details about the 100MP camera phone as of now and it is expected to come in early 2020.