The cities of today are polluted and we are not safe even at our homes because of this pollution. This pollution is a reason for a lot of diseases and there is only one best solution to this is moving away from the city life. The last solution won’t be possible because we all are bound to live in these polluted cities. There is another good solution is buying an air purifier for your house.

What is the Solution?

Tefal Intense Pure Air PU6025O1 Portable Room Air PurifierIf you are a student and live in a dorm room then you need to think of two things, price, and portability. While surfing AliExpress, we came across this really cheap air purifier which is dirt cheap and works almost similar to what modern high-end air purifiers from popular brands. The whole “Air Purifier” is basically an air purifier filter with a cheap-looking fan and a power adapter with voltage control.

Where you can buy one?

You can buy this DIY Air Purifier on AliExpress for about $25 to $40 according to the quality of the filter you choose. You will literally get an air purifier filter with a fan attached to the top of it and a power adapter. The filter you are going to get is the HEPA filter, there is no carbon activated layer on it so it won’t be filtering the smoke pollution.\

You can skip buying the whole package and just order the fan and the adapter. Then you will be able to order a carbon activated filter and use the fan on that filter. But for that you have to close one of the openings of the filter using some cardboard and glue. This filter will be perfect for a single bedroom or your dorm room.

If not too lazy, Do It Yourself

If you want the same some time and money then there is a way you can build it by yourself so you can save yourself from pollution and be proud of yourself. All you have to do is buy a HEPA filter for Xiaomi Air Purifier, you can buy it from Amazon so you can get it the next day. It will cost you about Rs 2,000 for HEPA filter and about Rs 4,000 for Carbon activated HEPA filter.

The next thing in the list is a CPU fan, this intel stock cooler will be best because of the circular shape. It will cost you about Rs 500, Just remove the heat sink before using it. The last thing to buy is a power adapter, it will cost you about Rs 200 to Rs 300 according to the quality.

Steps to build the Air Purifier

Now, when we have every piece together, let’s built it:

  1. First, close one of the openings of the air filter with some cardboard and glue.
  2. Fix the fan to a circular cardboard piece so it will fit the opening end of the filter.
  3. Connect the adapter to the fan (you need to unshield the wires and connect it to the fan wires.)
  4. Put the fan on the open side of the filter so it will blow the air out of the filter (and not blowing air inside the filter.)
  5. Make sure not to glue the fan with the filter because you have to change the filter once it expires.

Can it really filter the air?

Technically yes, but should we recommend it? Yes, only if you are low on budget. If you can afford a good purifier the go for a branded one like from Xiaomi. You can also go for a small car air purifier but it won’t be better than what we built here because the filter is super small there.

Wrapping up

There you go guys, you now have a working DIY air purifier which you built all by yourself so you can keep you safe. You should also be proud of it because hey, as long as it works!