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5 Best Free Alternatives to CamScanner to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

If you have read the news recently then you know that Google is being very strict about what type of apps are on Google Play Store. Google is removing all the apps which are just a copy of already available apps or stealing data from users smartphone. CamScanner is one app which we all used when it was released back in the day to scan our documents. But recently the app has been found guilty of injecting viruses into the user’s smartphone.

Google immediately removed this app from the Play Store so if you still have this app installed on your phone to uninstall it immediately. There are lots of new apps from popular developers which can do the same thing which CamScanner can do to save your time and keep your data safe.

Alternatives for CamScanner App

Stock Camera app

There are lots of smartphones which comes with a document scanner prebuilt into the camera app. You can find the doc scanner mode in your smartphone’s camera app. It can do some basic scanning but you can still crop to make it look like a scanned image.

But if you cannot find that mode on your smartphone then don’t worry there are a bunch of free apps to help you do that. We are listing a bunch of them here so you can use one of them for your document scanning.

Google Drive: Simple and fast

Most of you have the Google Drive app installed on your stock Android smartphone but have you used the document scanning feature yet? Yes, Google Drive comes with a document scanning feature which lets you scan documents and save directly onto the Drive as well.


You just have to open the app and tap on the Plus icon in the bottom right corner. Select Scan from the pop-up menu, take a picture and save it on your Google Drive. You can adjust the document crop before saving and you can also choose the scan to be colour or black and white.

Microsoft Office Lens

This is another great free app to scan documents and save them in the cloud. You can save your scanned documents on OneDrive right after scanning them. This app comes with a brilliant edge detection but you can manually set the edges according to your needs.

Available for Android and iOS, this free app comes with OCR feature so you can extract the test from the documents as well. You can save the documents in jpg or PDF format and you won’t get watermarks in the free version. The premium version is a little bit too expensive.

TapScanner: Just like CamScanner

TapScanner is the best CamScanner alternative you can find it you are looking for the same quality of the scan. The app provides the same quality of scan as the CamScanner but it’s a bit slow.

All other features are almost similar to other document scanners. It saves the documents in jpg, pdf and png formats and comes with OCR feature too. One feature which is different in TapScanner is that you can digitally sign your documents after scanning them.

Google Photoscan: For photos

If you are looking for an app to scan your photos and save them digitally then Google has an app for you. The Photoscan app scans picture perfectly without glare using the powerful Google algorithm.

The app scans the picture upright despite the way you scan them, it automatically rotates the pictures. The app saves all your picture on your Google Photos app so all the scans will be saved on the cloud so you won’t lose them ever again.

Wrapping up

The CamScanner was a great app for document scanning but the price we were paying is greater than money itself. And if you still got the CamScanner installed on your phone then uninstall it before it damages your previous data saved on your phone.


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