Gmail For Android Getting These Two Useful Features Soon

Recently, Google has developed a new feature for users with several Google accounts to switch between their accounts. This gesture feature has already made its way to Google Drive update earlier this week and also has come in Google Maps. Now, the gesture features for account switching has been seen in Gmail for Android. Moreover, Gmail app’s upcoming version 2019.08.18 also shows some indications of dark mode in addition to the account switch gesture.

Account Switching Gesture

The account switching gesture makes it much simpler and smoother to switch between Gmail accounts. All you need to do is just slide up or down the account profile icon in the top corner instead of opening the menu and choosing the other account.

Source: Android Police

Unlike Google Drive, Gmail has no animation of the same sliding cards, However, it is the same as Contacts. The static interface items are still there but your profile picture and mail are dim. Also, there is no option for every account’s inbox, so you will still have to get to it manually.

Dark Theme

Google has been testing dark mode to a variety of its applications, but Gmail still has not got it yet. Now Gmail version 2019.08.18 has a few indications of a future dark theme. As per screengrabs shared by Android Police, the widget and screen match with Android Q’s systemwide dark theme, but the primary interface still remains white. Although you will have to force close the app and clear cache to see it.

The Gmail v2019.08.18 update is currently not available for all, but you can download the already available APK if you’re not that patient. So before it comes on the Play Store, you can download it from APK Mirror and use these new Gmail features.