If you bought a nice gaming desktop or a gaming laptop then you might be looking for some matching accessories to up the gaming experience. One of the most needed gaming accessories is, of course, a good quality headphone. I know you already spent a lot on your gaming machine so you might be looking for something more affordable yet featureful to match your gaming rig.

Well, look no further because we have this list here with some of the best gaming headsets which you can buy under Rs 5,000.

Best Gaming Headphones

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Acer Predator PHW510: Rs 4,799

Acer Predator PHW510 comes with a comfortable headband that is adjustable according to the user’s head. The earcups are pretty comfortable too, they are made with a soft and self-adjusting cousin to give a perfect fit. The cable on these headphones is extendable so it doesn’t matter if you connect them to your desktop or laptop.

The headphones come with a unidirectional microphone with -38 dB sensitivity for crisp and clear sound. For better sound quality from the headphones, it comes with about 2 inches drivers with 112 dB sensitivity. If you own an Acer Predator gaming laptop or desktop then these headphones will be a great match for your gaming rig.


HyperX Cloud Stinger: Rs 4,690

HyperX Cloud Stinger is a lightweight headset with rotating earcups up to 90 degrees. It comes with 50mm directional drivers for better audio with 30-ohm impedance and a pretty good frequency response. The headphones come with HyperX signature memory foam for better comfort for longer usage.

The headphones come with volume control right on the earcup so you don’t have to look for the volume control every time you want to adjust the sound. The microphone on HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with noise cancellation tech which removes background noise and keeps the conversation crisp.


EKSA E900: Rs 2,899

The EKSA E900 headphones come with removable dual interface design to support any gaming desktop or console. The headphones come with immersive 7.1 virtual surround sound for the immersive gaming experience. The headphones support 7.1 surround sound throughout the gaming consoles and gaming rigs and even your smartphone.

The headphones are made for all-day comfort achieved by the soft memory foram earmuffs. It also comes with full two years for manufacturer warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything after buying this for your gaming rig.


Redgear Comet 7.1: Rs 1,874

The Redgear Comet 7.1 comes with really amazing RGB LED light effects which looks pretty cool when you turn it on. The LED comes with seven changeable light modes which can be switched easily from the headphones as well.

The microphone on this headset comes with a noise cancellation feature which gives you a pretty clear and crisp conversation. The drivers on this thing are customized from the factory to give you a better and enhanced sound quality.


Cosmic Byte G1500: Rs 1,499

The Cosmic Byte G1500 comes with noise reduction sound card and vibration mode with 7.1 surround sound. The microphone on this headset is omnidirectional with a flexible tube to adjust it the way you like. The colorful breathing led lights are provided to highlight the gaming environment.

The volume control and vibration control are provided on the left earcup which is more comfortable to reach. The cable is long and has a flat style making it tangle-free and comes with good build quality making it impossible to break.


Wrapping up

These were the headphones that you have to buy if you want to get your gaming to another level. All the headsets come with their significant features which will make you choose the one with the feature you want.