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10 Popular Apps You Need to Uninstall From Your Android Phone

Android from Google being an Open Source operating system makes it vulnerable to various malware attacks. There are millions of apps on Google Play Store, some of which are not there to help you but to harm you in many ways. Here is the list of all the apps which you need to uninstall from your phone right now to keep your phone and personal data safe.

These malicious apps can harm your data or your phone in many ways like stealing your data, showing you popup advertisements with malicious links and finally degrading the experience. There are some apps that can even steal your passwords and security-related data from your phone and harming you financially.

Some of these apps are adware, some of them even contain malicious library which can tap into your precious data. If your phone has any of these apps installed on your phone then uninstall them right away.


Smule is TikTok kind of a social media app where people upload their videos with everyone. All these apps with these social media stuff come with lots of malware and popup ads. These apps sometimes lure people with cash prizes to join their apps and when you join them with your name and phone number they just sell this information with third party people.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Band Bang is an MMORPG game that you should not install on your phone. This game also has some malicious libraries which can affect the functionality of your smartphone and can steal data as well. This game also comes with lots of pop up advertisements with malicious links that you should not click on.


SHAREit was a great app for sharing data between devices and worked really well without any distractions at all. But now the app has become a complete junk with lots of malicious ads and pop up ads which are vulgar in some way and sometimes can offend you. You should download some other alternatives to the SHAREit app and the best one to recommend is the MiShare app which comes with a clean interface and no advertisements.


Facebook is the most known social media app and it has the biggest network but since Facebook was caught stealing data, it is not safe to use this app. Even if you want to use Facebook then make sure to use the website on your chrome browser which will give you all the features similar to the app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messanger is another app from Facebook which is again a bit harmful to all your important data. This app needs your call log and taps into your smartphone’s location and your call log data. It is also been said that this app can record your call in the background can send it to Facebook.


LiveXLive is an app that lists all the live events happening near you and live streaming so you can watch it on your phone. But this has come into light that this app has some malicious API built into it which can harm your phone in various ways.

Yahoo! MAP Free

Yahoo is a long-gone brand for Map, we don’t even remember that Yahoo made a map service at all. Also, we already have an amazing Google Maps app and it already comes preinstalled in the phone so why bother installing a third-party maps app anyway.

Yahoo Search

Downloading a search app on Android smartphones should not be done at first because you know, Android is owned by Google right? And even if you want to install a third-party search application then at least try Bing, do not fall for Yahoo’s malicious search app.

Yahoo Transfer Guides

Yahoo transfer guide is another app that is of no particular use but only to give you random ads to some malicious content. This app has also been reported harmful to your Android smartphone and your private data. For all those searches, you should try the Google search engine.

Moto Voice BETA

Moto Voice Beta is an app from Motorola which gives commands to the phone using your voice. This is again a malicious app so you should not install this app on your phone. The Android smartphones already come with Google Assistant preinstalled which does everything on your phone using your voice.

Wrapping up

If you have any of these apps installed on your phone then uninstall them right now because it can hard your precious data anytime. There are tons of new apps coming out which you can use instead of these malicious apps. If you find an app to be malicious which you found out about then share it in the comments so others can know about it too.


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