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WHO and Indian Government Launch WhatsApp Helpline to Offer Information on Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Indian government have launched WhatsApp helpline to keep people alert on the Coronavirus pandemic. These days fake news has become a big issue and there’s misinformation circulating among people about the Covid-19.

To combat these issues and educated people on how it spreads, it’s symptoms, protection advice, and debunk other myths, the Indian government, and WHO have launched their WhatsApp chatbots. Here’s how to contact these bots to get info about the pandemic.

WHO WhatsApp Health Alert

WHO Health Alert can be accessed by saving the number +41 79 893 1892 in your contacts. After saving this number, simply text ‘Hi’ to get started. The chatbot responds with a series of prompts and also gives a link for the Indian version of WHO health alert.

The WHO Health Alert will offer official information on the latest numbers, how to protect yourself, questions about Covid-19, Mythbusters, travel advice, news and will also ask you to share and donate for Coronavirus pandemic. The service is initially launched in English but soon be available in five more languages — Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Indian Government WhatsApp Chatbot

The Indian Government’s Corona Update Whatsapp service can be accessed by adding “+919013151515” to your contacts. After adding this number, just send ‘Hi’ to this chatbot and it will revert with prompts.

The chatbot can inform users about the virus and its symptoms, how does it spread, how to reduce the risk of infection and offers advice by the director of AIIMS. It also offers links and phone numbers for users if they need more information or any help.

Launching the WhatsApp helpline to offer actual information to the masses is a great idea by the WHO and the Indian Government. You should definitely access these helpline numbers and seek the verified information about the Covid-19.

Satyendra Pal Singh

Satyendra Pal Singh

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