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4 Awesome Features Of Google Duo, Best Free Video Calling App, No Limitations

Looking at the situation we are in, Google decided to update its Duo app with new features. Google released four new Google Duo features which will make your video calling experience a lot better than it already is. Here are those features which may get you excited about them and move from some other app to Google Duo for video calls.

Clear Calls in Low Connection

Google is ensuring the privacy of all the Google duo cal and making them encrypted. The calls done on Google Duo is an end to end encrypted so you will get a secure called without worrying about your privacy.

Google is using Artificial Intelligence to make the call experience clear and uninterrupted. To do that, Google is going to roll out a new video codec technology which will improve the video call quality. This new codec will ensure the quality of the video call even in low bandwidth connections.

Capture Special Moments

As Google said, the way we are getting together with our loved ones has changed a lot. So Google has added a new feature to take a picture of the moment to save it for making memories. This picture is not like a screenshot of a video call, this picture will be an actual collage of high-quality images at the time.

This new feature will let you click a picture together from the current video call and share it with everyone on the call. This feature is only available to only two videos right now but Google is working to make it work on group video calls as well.

Connect with up to 12 people at a time

Google has increased the capacity of the number of people in video calls to up to 12 people at a time. This number was 8 before but since we all need a platform to fill more people in a video call, Google listened and increased the capacity. Google promised that it is going to increase this capacity even further.

Personalized video messages

Google Duo making is easy to send video and audio messages to be personalized if you want. Google added a lot of new filters and features recently in the video messaging section. You can send a video message, audio message, and even text message which is really cool.

But now you can customize the video message using the AR filters in the app. There are a lot of filters and effects available in the video message section. Google lets you customize them and make your video message a lot better. Google will also make them save in your one instead of them to be disappearing after 24 hours.

Wrapping up

Google Duo is coming up to be a really nice video calling app to group video call with friends. As Google promised there will be more features and the capacity is also going to increase, the Google Duo will be an amazing place to hang out with friends.


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