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Know Who is Messaging You on WhatsApp Without Checking Phone

WhatsApp has many ore hidden features that can make our chatting experience better. We keep telling you such features that you may not know about this messaging app. In this article, we are going to tell such WhatsApp trick that will help you in knowing who is texting or calling you on WhatsApp and will also save you some time.

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Use Customize notifications

There might be some special contact on your list whose message you won’t want to miss. You would like to know instantly if they are texting you.

Also, sometimes you do not want to respond to some messages instantly, but you have to check your phone every time it beeps. This also consumes a lot of your time.

Well, you can set a separate notification tone for them, so that you recognize when they send you a message.

For iOS & Android:

Go to that specific chat and tap on the contact name at the top and go to Custom Notifications. Check on Use Custom notifications box and select from taping on ‘Notification tone’ and ‘Ringtone’.

Here you can select the ‘notification tone’ under message notifications and WhatsApp calls ringtone under call notifications. You can set a separate ringtone for that contact or more than one contact.

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This was the trick using which you can make your Whatsapp experience better. Tell us in the comments if you found this most useful for you. Also, do reach us in comments in case of any query!


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