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Best Realtime Internet Speed Tester Apps for Android

There are a lot of speed testing apps for Android smartphones on Google Play Store but it does not show internet speed in real-time. They just give you a peak value of your speed and that is also get calculated in relation to a near server. So, if you want to know the realtime internet speed on our smartphone, here we have two apps which help you in their own ways.

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Internet Speed Tester Apps


This is a speed test ap but with a big twist, it is powered by Netflix and gives you live internet seed data on your Android smartphone. This app shows the actual speed of your internet. It will give you an idea of how fast it will work if you want to use Netflix on that network.

This app is pretty simple, you just open it and the app will start to show to the live internet speed on the interface. It will also give you an average speed of your connection with upload speed as well. If you don’t want to install the app, you can just go to the browser and navigate to for a similar experience.


Internet Speed Meter Lite

This app is only for Android as there is no way you can show live internet speed in iOS’ status bar. This app is free and shows you the live internet speed on your status bar which is really handy if you want that on your smartphone.

This app comes with a lot of features included and some of them are free and some of them are locked for pro users. The app is pretty much free for lifetime usage but to unlock the special features, you need to pay for the subscription.


Wrapping up

These were the two solutions for you if you want to show your network connection’s internet speed in real-time. If you know any other solution then tell us in the comments and we will add that in our list.

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