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Three Dangerous Types of Malware You Should Be Aware of

The last thing anybody wants is their computer to be compromised or have their sensitive data stolen. Unfortunately, this is becoming more common as a result of the ever-increasing threat of malware. This is malicious software that can be a nightmare for computer users and businesses. But the good news is that you can protect yourself from malware. Let’s learn about three dangerous types of malware and how you can stop them from becoming a problem.

Dangerous Types of Malware


The first type of malware we want to discuss is a dropper. This type of malware is sophisticated, and it involves dropping and installing viruses onto a user’s computer or phone. Often, this process will happen without you being aware of it because they are difficult to identify in your computer system. Unfortunately, droppers are easy to write and this means that they are becoming a popular way of installing viruses. You can infect your computer by visiting a malicious website or clicking a link in an email, as well as accidentally downloading infected freeware onto your phone.

Of course, there are ways you can avoid a dropper. For example, you can be vigilant when you are opening attachments from emails. In fact, if you are unsure of who the sender is, it is best not to open the attachment at all. Avoid freeware that has no reviews or is an untrusted source. While not all paid software is better, you can easily identify trusted companies this way.


Next up is a trojan. This is the dangerous type of malware that you have likely heard about before. A trojan or a trojan horse makes itself look like a legitimate piece of software or program. Instead, it has the capability to damage your computer or steal sensitive data.

For example, there is currently a new trojan that is in circulation, which appears as a Flash Player update. This tricks users into thinking that they need to update their software. It looks very legitimate and it is actually appearing in Google search results. This means that a lot of computers are being infected by this trojan because it appears so real. You end up installing the malware onto your computer.

So, what is the best way to protect your computer from malware? You can install trusted antivirus software. They are created to protect you from viruses that can disrupt your computer, as well as malware. For example, two of the leading AV software companies in the world are Kaspersky and Avast. You can follow the link to compare Kaspersky vs Avast to see which AV is best for your current hardware, OS, and network configuration.

In addition, if you want to install software, make sure that you only do this directly from the official website. Ignore any pop-ups or alerts that appear when you are browsing the internet no matter how legitimate they seem. If they tell you that your software is out of date, you can go check for yourself on their website.


Then we have a backdoor, which is another dangerous type of malware. This type is very stealthy and poses significant risks to businesses, as well as personal computers.

It can gain access to a website, going through entry points such as plug-ins. Just as the name suggests, they go unidentified through the back door and they can gain access to sensitive information and data. Of course, this is going to be particularly worrisome to businesses that store customer data.

Protecting yourself from a backdoor attack can be difficult. But make sure that you have strong passwords and change any default passwords that you have. In addition, if you have a website, ensure that you choose trusted plug-ins and update them regularly. Free apps can also be dangerous so you need to be careful with them too. Firewalls will also offer protection for your computer.