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What is Archive in Google Keep? Difference Between Archive & Delete

Google Keep offers a handy way to jot down notes, make to-do lists, and set reminders. Amongst other features, it also lets you archive notes, which is often confused with deletion or removal. Well, here’s what exactly is Archive in Google Keep, how it differs from delete, and how you can archive notes.

What is Archive in Google Keep

For starters, Archive is an easy way to organize your Google Keep notes and lists. You can use the feature to hide notes from your main screen while still keeping them safe and intact.

The archived notes are moved to the Archive tab. Though, they still appear in searches and under labels in case you try searching for them. The color coding and reminders, too, are retained.

It’s just that they’ll be hidden from the main view- something you can use to declutter Google Keep by archiving less important stuff and notes that are not needed anytime soon.

Archive vs. Delete in Google Keep

When you delete a note, it is moved to the recycle bin where Google holds it for a period of seven days. Post which, the note is removed completely and cannot be recovered.

Whereas, when you archive a note, it is moved to the separate Archive section. It’s not deleted and can be retrieved later whenever required.

How to Archive Google Keep Notes

On Android/ iOS App

1] Open the Google Keep app on your phone.

2] Press and hold to choose note you want to archive. You can select as many notes as you want.

3] Once done with the selection, tap the three dots on the top-right corner and click on Archive.

Alternatively, you can archive a note individually. To do so, open the note and tap the ‘Archive’ button on the top right corner. That’s it; it’ll be moved to the archives tab in the app.

To retrieve archived notes, tap the hamburger menu at the top left to open the sidebar. Here, click on ‘Archive.’ Long press to select notes and choose the Unarchive option from the three-dot menu. You can also open a note and tap the ‘Unarchive’ button at the top-right corner.

On PC (Web)

Archive Notes in Google Keep

1] Open Google Keep Web on your computer.

2] Hover your mouse over the note that you want to archive.

3] Click the Archive button.

To archive, multiple notes and reminders, select them using the tick at the top left of each note box and use the ‘Archive’ option from the toolbar. You can access them later from the Archive tab in the left sidebar.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about what archive is and how you can archive Google Keep Notes in the mobile app as well as the web version. We hope that you’re now clear about the difference between archive and delete. Anyway, feel free to reach out for any doubts or queries.

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