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6 Best Fortnite Alternatives You Can Play on Your Smartphone

Fortnite has been removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. So if you are like Fortnite then it is bad news for you. But don’t worry there are a bunch of alternatives for the Fortnite battle royale game. Here we have more than five alternatives to the Fortnite game which will give you almost a similar experience.

PUBG Mobile

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Of course, this is the first game that started it all and it is not banned or doesn’t look like going to be banned in the near future. There are newly updated every now and then with tons of new themes and skins to buy or win. This game can run on almost any smartphone because it got a light version too.


Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival are again an exciting battle royale fps shooter game and what makes it special is the player count. You have to compete with 300 players in one match which is completely insane. The game is 3GB in total so make sure that your phone can support this game before installing it.


Knives Out

Knives out is a battle royale game that will remind you of the Fornite in the best way. It comes with a team deathmatch game mode too which lets you team with up to 5 members to compete with the other team. This game is completely free to play and install on your smartphone and is pretty lightweight too.


Battlelands Royale

This is a more trimmed down version of battle royale games but it comes with a similar approach. You have to complete with everyone on the map and become the last man standing to win the match. The gameplay is a top-down view, not the regular fps which you see on Fortnite or PUBG.


Free Fire

Free Fire is one game that competes with the PUBG Mobile in the best way. You get a lot of features in this free game and it comes with the season’s system too which almost every battle royale game follows. It is the most downloaded game after the PUBG when it was released.


Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of duty mobile

How can we forget this gem, Call of Duty Mobile is a game which can give the best TDM experience. It comes with console-like graphics and smooth gameplay which is a completely new experience. The battle royale mode is there but it is not the best you will find among these other options, this is the reason this game is a the back of the list.


Wrapping up

These were the games that can easily replace the Fortnite game on your smartphone. If your phone was capable to run Fortnite then don’t worry all of these games with run super smooth without any problem.


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