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5 Best Offline Mobile Games for Android

Mobile games on smartphones are getting updated with new graphics and new mechanics every day. But one thing which is getting removed from new games is the ability to play them offline. So, here we have some offline mobile games for Android which you can play without a data connection.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is a fighting game with a completely different approach. I have never played a fighting game like this, there is a story link in the gameplay. You get a really long story-based campaign that can take months to complete. There are online duel matches as well but you can play the campaign offline as well.


GT Racing 2

If you like racing game then the GT Racing 2 will be the best game for you with the real car experience. You can switch the car view to the dashboard view which simulates the exact cockpit of a racing car. This game is completely offline with a few online features if you want. This is a really addictive racing game for Android if you into racing games.


Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is an indie game with soothing music attached which takes you to a completely different experience. This game is an indie game that has a very addictive never-ending gameplay. There are campaigns in the game but the endless mode is the one which gives you the best experience.



Minecraft is one role-playing game that has technically no end, you can play for like forever. Once you start the campaign, this is so addictive that you cannot leave the game. The game is free to try but you need to buy the game for about Rs. 500. The game comes with a bunch of new features and updates almost every month so it never gets outdated.


Crossy Road

If you like those indie games which you can play on your phone with tap and swipe only Crossy Road is the best game for you. The Crossy Road is a game that comes with long endless gameplay with tons of content including characters and worlds. There are even the characters and worlds from Disney so you can’t get enough of playing those old characters.


Wrapping Up

These games are the best offline mobile games you can get on your smartphone to stay busy. These games are free and offline to play them whenever you want without worrying about the data connection.


Amit Rahi

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