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How to Stop Facebook Friends From Messaging You on Instagram

Recently, after the merger of Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs, anyone from Facebook can sneak into your Instagram inbox. Also, you can now message a Facebook friend from Instagram DMs. However, if you want to keep your Facebook and Instagram profiles separate, this new update can be an issue for you. Thankfully, Instagram lets you stop Facebook friends from messaging you on Instagram. Read on to know, how!

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Stop Facebook Friends From Messaging on Instagram

1] Open Instagram on your Android or iPhone and navigate to Settings by tapping your display picture in the bottom-right corner and then the hamburger menu button.

2] Now, in the Settings, go to Privacy > Messages. 

3] Here, under Message Controls, you have a few options to customize who can message you from Facebook.

4] To stop your Facebook friends or people you’ve chatted with on Messenger from texting you on Instagram, tap the second option on the list.

5] By default it is set as “Chats” which lets all your Facebook friends reach your Instagram DM. If you want to block Facebook friends entirely, tap “Don’t Receive Requests.”

Note: Selecting “Message Requests” will send texts to your Instagram DM request list.

6] Similarly, you can do this for friends of your friends on Facebook who can also get in touch with you on Instagram via Messenger. To stop them, select “Friends of Friends on Facebook” and tap “Don’t Receive Requests” from the options.

7] Lastly, you can also do this for everyone else on Facebook, just choose the “Others on Facebook” setting and tap “Don’t Receive Requests”.

You should note that Facebook friends can only send you Instagram DM if you have opted for the new messenger features. So these new message controls on Instagram come in handy if you want to try new features but do not want everyone to bother you on Instagram.

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Satyendra Pal Singh

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