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How to Automatically Turn On Your Geyser Using Smart Plug

One thing most of us fear on these chilly winter mornings- taking a bath. That’s where appliances like geyser come to rescue us. But as of now most households in India use old storage water heaters, that take some time to supply hot water, unlike the latest instant heaters. But, not everybody wants to replace their good old geysers or spend those extra bucks without that much need.

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But still, there is a trick using which you can turn your old geyser into a smart one. So, you won’t need to get up on a cold winter morning before the time just to switch on the geyser. If you want to know how you can make smart geyser at home without spending too much, then here’s the trick.

What you need

You can convert your old geyser into a smart geyser by just using a smart plug. Now, you can simply open an app on your smartphone and turn it on or off whenever you want, and you can even schedule it for a specific time. Moreover, this smart plug will also allow you to control other appliances like AC as well.

Apart from smart plugs, you also need a fast internet connection. The smart plugs get connected to your phone through the same Wi-Fi network. So, you already have a fast connection with a good router, then you are good to go.

Which is the best smart plus to buy in 2020?

With smart plugs that support Wi-Fi, you can control not just geysers, but any home appliance from your smartphone or through voice commands from a smart speaker.

Smart plugs start at as low as Rs. 799 and go up to Rs. 1,999. Watch our full video embedded above to find out which is the best smart plug as per your need.

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Steps to make your geyser smart

1] First of all, insert the smart plug into the wall socket.

2] Now, configure the smart plug with its app or Amazon Alexa app, if it supports.

3] After that, plug in your geyser into that smart plug.

4] Now, you can switch it on and off with your smartphone via its app.

5] Most of these apps have a scheduler option as well, so you can schedule it at the right time and enjoy hot water when you are going to take a bath.

This way you can turn your old geyser into a smart geyser without spending much, and not just geyser, you can do this trick with most of your old appliances to save time, energy, and money.

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