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Top 7 Useful Apps for Stock Market Investors in India

If you are a stock investor or trader, it’s essential for you to stay updated with the market. Thankfully, it has become very easy with high-speed internet and mobile applications. From knowing the real-time market movements to tracking and analyzing your portfolio, researching stocks, and learning about the market- everything can be done on mobile apps. If you’re a beginner investor, here are some handy apps for Indian stock market investors that’ll help you with information, analytics, and research.

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Best Apps for Indian Stock Market News, Research, and Information 

Below are some of the best stock market apps which can be very useful for new, young investors who are just starting their investment journey and want to keep up with news, research, and information around the markets. Read on.

1. Moneycontrol- News, Portfolio, Research

Moneycontrol gives you the latest updates on Indian and global financial markets. It covers everything from stock market indices to stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

It not only provides news and in-depth market stats but can also track your portfolio across stocks and different asset classes. Plus, you can track your favorite stocks from the watchlist in and timely alerts.

There’s also a dedicated forum for each stock where you can view and participate in discussions. It has a ‘Text To Speech’ feature for news and research articles for those who hate reading.

Key Features:

  • News related to markets, business, and the economy.
  • Monitor your portfolio across stocks, mutual funds, and other assets.
  • Engage in forum discussions.
  • Text-to-speech for articles.

Android  iOS

2. Yahoo Finance- Track Markets, Portfolio

Yahoo Finance is a very sleek and intuitive app that provides the latest updates on Indian and global markets. You get a detailed view of indices in Asia, the US, and Europe, including market movers, market losers, historical data, and more.

You can add stocks to your watchlist and maintain what’s on your portfolio. Besides, it lets you compare stocks with interactive full-screen charts, track holdings performance, and sync your portfolio across devices.

The personalized news and stock alerts based on your holdings and watchlist are the major highlights of the app.

Key Features:

  • Follow the stocks you care about most.
  • Get personalized news and alerts.
  • Track the performance of your personal portfolio.
  • Compare stocks with interactive full-screen charts

Android  iOS

3. Tickertape- Indian Stock Analysis, Forecast

Tickertape is one of the most popular stock market apps in India. It comes with several tools, including a stock screener to use 130+ filters to screen and analyze stocks. And also, create custom filters to filter stocks based on metrics that matter to you.

You get an investment checklist for each stock, followed by key metrics like PE/PB ratios, dividend yields, etc. It is followed by forecasts and ratings from analysts, comparison with peers, financial data, and recent events to help you pick the ideal stocks for investment.

Then, there’s Market Mood Index (MMI) which lets you know the market sentiment, whether in fear or greed zones. You can further watch insider and bulk stock deals, create your watchlist, track your portfolio and directly buy and sell stocks by connecting with your broker.

Key Features:

  • Built-in stock screener.
  • Forecasts and ratings from analysts.
  • Market sentiment, track watchlists, and portfolio.
  • Execute buy and sell orders with your broker.


4. ET Markets- NSE & BSE India News, Updates

ET Markets- Indian Stock Market Apps

ET Markets offers business & market news, stock market updates, and free share market tips. You can see live Sensex and Nifty charts as well as share prices with advanced technical charting.

The app provides detailed stock fundamentals, trading technicals, peer comparison, and earnings/quarterly results. The feed gives you pre-market, during-market, and post-market insights, alongside news, slideshows, and briefings.

You can track your portfolio and maintain a watchlist. There’s also a built-in stock screener wherein you can also create custom filters based on your requirements. ET Markets is available in a total of 8 Indic languages.

Key Features:

  • Business and market news, stock updates.
  • Live charts with technicals.
  • Create a watchlist and portfolio.
  • Built-in stock screener with the option for a custom stock screener.

Android   iOS

5. Trendlyne- Stock Screener, Analysis

Trendlyne is one of the best stock market apps that brings stock screeners, unlimited alerts, stock recommendations from analysts, SWOT, portfolio and watchlist tools, and a real-time newsfeed.

First, you can create a watchlist and organize your stock portfolio in the app- it’ll give you a detailed analysis, including sector-wise and stock-wise allocation.

The SWOT Engine gives you Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for every stock, across its financials, technical, and management quality. Then, we have analyst stock recommendations with buy/ sell/ hold calls, price targets, upgrades, and downgrades.

Trendlyne offers powerful insights like technicals, SMA/EMA, delivery and volume, insider trades, bulk block deals, and more. You can quickly find out all the major movements in the market and also set required alerts.

Key Features:

  • In-depth stock analysis (including SWOT).
  • Stock recommendations- buy, sell calls, and price targets.
  • Track your watchlist and portfolio.
  • Powerful stock screener including technicals, fundamentals, red flags, etc.
  • News related to stock, corporates, and latest updates.


6. Simply Wall St – In-depth Stock Analysis 

Simply Wall St helps you discover investment opportunities through detailed fundamental analysis of over 72,000 listed companies in simple infographic format. It covers not only India but a total of 27 markets, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

The app allows you to look for the kind of stocks you’re interested in. This includes categories like Undervalued, High Growth, Bank account beaters, and Top dividend payers. It uses hundreds of data points to analyze each company and updates it every six hours.

Each company has an infographic that gives you a quick summary of the company’s investment profile. The analysis includes various levels, including value analysis, future performance estimates, past performance figures, company financial health, income, and management.

Overall, it’s a great app for individual stock analysis and investment ideas.

Key Features:

  • Stock analysis in simple infographics.
  • It covers India as well as other global markets.
  • Look for investment opportunities in stocks based on category.
  • In-depth company analytics across various levels.

Android  iOS

7. Varsity by Zerodha- Learn Stock Market

Varsity by Zerodha is one of the best stock market learning apps for beginners. It contains an extensive and in-depth collection of the stock market and financial lessons. The content is easy to grasp and broken down into bite-size cards to help you learn on the go.

It covers various grounds, including basics of the stock market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, future and options, markets and taxation, personal finance, and more.

If you’re young in the market, you must definitely read the modules on the Varsity app. You can try its web version here.

  • Free, beginner-friendly app for learning about the stock market.
  • In-depth modules for fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Content is broken down into different difficulty levels.
  • Quiz at the end of each level.

Android iOS

What’s Your Best App for Stock Market Investor?

These were some of the best apps for stock market investors in India. I’ve been using all of these apps for quite some time now and have included them here based on my personal experience. I hope you find them useful. Out of all, my favorite apps are Trendlyne, Tickertape, and ET Markets. Anyways, which one do you like more? Do let me know in the comments below.

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